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= cowboy_req:read_part_body(3)

== Name

cowboy_req:read_part_body - Read the current part's body

== Description

read_part_body(Req :: cowboy_req:req())
    -> read_part_body(Req, #{})

read_part_body(Req :: cowboy_req:req(), Opts)
    -> {ok,   Data :: binary(), Req}
     | {more, Data :: binary(), Req}

Opts :: cowboy_req:read_body_opts()

Read the body of the current part of the multipart message.

This function reads the request body and parses it as
multipart. Each parts of a multipart representation have
their own headers and body. This function returns the
body of the current part. Examples of multipart media types
are `multipart/form-data` and `multipart/byteranges`.

This function reads a chunk of the part's body. A `more` tuple
is returned when more data remains to be read. Call the function
repeatedly until an `ok` tuple is returned to read the entire body.

Once a part has been read, it can not be read again.

Once the body has been read, Cowboy sets the content-length
header if it was not previously provided.

// @todo Limit the maximum size of multipart headers.

== Arguments


The Req object.


A map of body reading options. Please refer to
for details about each option.
This function uses the same default options as the

== Return value

A `more` tuple is returned when there are more data to be read.

An `ok` tuple is returned when there are no more data to be read.

The data is always returned as a binary.

The Req object returned in the tuple must be used from that point
onward. It contains a more up to date representation of the request.
For example it may have an added content-length header once the
body has been read.

== Changelog

* *2.0*: Function introduced. Replaces `part_body/1,2`.

== Examples

.Read a full part's body
stream_body(Req0, Acc) ->
    case cowboy_req:read_part_body(Req0) of
        {more, Data, Req} ->
            stream_body(Req, << Acc/binary, Data/binary >>);
        {ok, Data, Req} ->
            {ok, << Acc/binary, Data/binary >>, Req}

.Ensure a part's body is smaller than 64KB
{ok, Body, Req} = cowboy_req:read_part_body(Req0, #{length => 64000}).

== See also