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Small updates to the ROADMAP and doc comments
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diff --git a/ROADMAP.md b/ROADMAP.md
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--- a/ROADMAP.md
+++ b/ROADMAP.md
@@ -61,56 +61,20 @@ are not ordered.
Tools like curl expect a 100 Continue before sending a
request body by default.
-* Content-Encoding support.
- Cowboy should be able to send encoded content automatically.
- The default should be to encode, but the developer must be
- able to override this default either for the whole listener
- or just for a single reply.
-* Improve body reading API.
- We want to have various different things for reading the
- body. First, there should be raw functions for the different
- ways to read the body: basic, transfer encoded, multipart.
- Each should allow us to limit the size of what is read.
- On top of these functions there should be two more
- advanced functions: one would return the result of parsing
- a x-www-form-urlencoded body; the other would parse a
- multipart request, save files from the multipart data to
- a temporary location and return a proplist of values if any
- along with the files details. This behavior is similar to
- what is done automatically by PHP with its $_FILES array.
- The advanced functions are of course here for convenience
- only and it should be trivial to reimplement them directly
- in a Cowboy application if needed.
+* Convert the multipart code to stream_body.
* Complete the work on Websockets.
Now that the Autobahn test suite is available (make inttests),
we have a definite way to know whether Cowboy's implementation
of Websockets is right. The work can thus be completed. The
- remaining tasks are proper UTF8 handling and fragmentation.
+ remaining tasks are proper UTF8 handling.
* SPDY support.
While SPDY probably won't be added directly to Cowboy, work
has been started on making Cowboy use SPDY.
-* Hooks.
- Customizable hooks would allow the developer to extend Cowboy
- easily. Two kinds of hooks are needed: before dispatching the
- request, and before sending a reply.
- The first would allow us to apply site-wide functions like
- authentication or request logging and modify the Req if needed.
- The second is more interesting for response logging or to
- filter the replies, for example to send custom error pages.
* Transport upgrades.
Some protocols allow an upgrade from TCP to SSL without
diff --git a/src/cowboy.erl b/src/cowboy.erl
index 7963df2..1097197 100644
--- a/src/cowboy.erl
+++ b/src/cowboy.erl
@@ -51,7 +51,6 @@ start_listener(Ref, NbAcceptors, Transport, TransOpts, Protocol, ProtoOpts)
Transport, TransOpts, Protocol, ProtoOpts)).
%% @doc Stop a listener identified by <em>Ref</em>.
-%% @todo Currently request processes aren't terminated with the listener.
-spec stop_listener(any()) -> ok | {error, not_found}.
stop_listener(Ref) ->
case supervisor:terminate_child(cowboy_sup, {cowboy_listener_sup, Ref}) of
diff --git a/test/http_SUITE.erl b/test/http_SUITE.erl
index 97caafe..029219a 100644
--- a/test/http_SUITE.erl
+++ b/test/http_SUITE.erl
@@ -134,7 +134,7 @@ init_per_group(http, Config) ->
Port = 33080,
Transport = cowboy_tcp_transport,
Config1 = init_static_dir(Config),
- cowboy:start_listener(http, 100,
+ {ok, _} = cowboy:start_listener(http, 100,
Transport, [{port, Port}],
cowboy_http_protocol, [
{dispatch, init_dispatch(Config1)},
@@ -156,7 +156,7 @@ init_per_group(https, Config) ->
- {ok,_} = cowboy:start_listener(https, 100,
+ {ok, _} = cowboy:start_listener(https, 100,
Transport, Opts ++ [{port, Port}],
cowboy_http_protocol, [
{dispatch, init_dispatch(Config1)},