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resource documentation and the comments found in cowboy_http_rest,
which itself should be fairly easy to read and understand.
+* Add cowboy_http_static, an experimental static file handler
+ Makes use of the aforementioned REST protocol support to
+ deliver files with proper content type and cache headers.
+ Note that this uses the new file:sendfile support when
+ appropriate, which currently requires the VM to be started
+ with the +A option defined, else errors may randomly appear.
* Add cowboy_bstr module for binary strings related functions
* Add cowboy_http module for HTTP parsing functions
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These functions allow handlers to set response headers and body
without having to reply directly.
+* Add set_resp_body_fun/3
+ This function allows handlers to stream the body of the response
+ using the given fun. The size of the response must be known beforehand.
+* Add transport/1 to obtain the transport and socket for the request
+ This allows handlers to have low-level socket access in those cases
+ where they do need it, like when streaming a response body with
+ set_resp_body_fun/3.
* Add peer_addr/1
This function tries to guess the real peer IP based on the HTTP
@@ -95,7 +115,7 @@ CHANGELOG
* Add reply/2 and reply/3 aliases to reply/4
-* Add a cowboy_http_req:upgrade_reply/3 function
+* Add upgrade_reply/3 for protocol upgrades
### cowboy_http_protocol
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Like in OTP, you do need to set timeout and hibernate again when
returning from info/3 to enable them until the next call.
+* Fix the sending of 500 errors when handlers crash
+ Now we send an error response when no response has been sent,
+ and do nothing more than close the connection if anything
+ did get sent.
* Fix a crash when the server is sent HTTP responses
* Fix HTTP timeouts handling when the Request-Line wasn't received