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@@ -6,35 +6,40 @@ Cowboy is a small, fast and modular HTTP server written in Erlang.
-Cowboy aims to provide the following advantages:
-* **Small** code base.
-* Damn **fast**.
-* **Modular**: transport and protocol handlers are replaceable.
-* **Binary HTTP** for greater speed and lower memory usage.
-* Easy to **embed** inside another application.
-* Selectively **dispatch** requests to handlers, allowing you to send some
- requests to your embedded code and others to a FastCGI application in
- PHP or Ruby.
-* No parameterized module. No process dictionary. **Clean** Erlang code.
-The server is currently in early development. Comments and suggestions are
-more than welcome. To contribute, either open bug reports, or fork the project
-and send us pull requests with new or improved functionality. You should
-discuss your plans with us before doing any serious work, though, to avoid
-duplicating efforts.
+Cowboy aims to provide a **complete** HTTP stack in a **small** code base.
+It is optimized for **low latency** and **low memory usage**, in parts
+because it uses **binary strings**.
+Cowboy provides **routing** capabilities, selectively dispatching requests
+to handlers written in Erlang.
+Because it uses Ranch for managing connections, Cowboy can easily be
+**embedded** in any other application.
+No parameterized module. No process dictionary. **Clean** Erlang code.
Quick start
-* Add Cowboy as a rebar or agner dependency to your application.
+* Add Cowboy as a rebar dependency to your application.
* Start Cowboy and add one or more listeners.
* Write handlers for your application.
-* Check out the `examples/` directory!
Getting Started
+* [Read the guide](https://github.com/extend/cowboy/blob/master/guide/toc.md)
+* Look at the examples in the ```examples/``` directory
+* Build API documentation with ```make docs```; open ```doc/index.html```
+This and all following sections will be removed as soon as their
+equivalent appear in the Cowboy guide.
Cowboy does nothing by default.
Cowboy uses Ranch for handling connections, and provides convenience