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@@ -6,7 +6,7 @@ list of planned changes and work to be done on the Cowboy
server. It is non-exhaustive and subject to change. Items
are not ordered.
-* Write more, better examples.
+ * Write more, better examples.
The first step would be to port misultin's examples
to Cowboy. Then these examples could be completed with
@@ -20,12 +20,12 @@ are not ordered.
Examples should be commented. They may or may not be
used for writing the user guides.
-* Write user guides.
+ * Write user guides.
We currently have good API documentation, but no step
by step user guides.
-* Write more, better tests.
+ * Write more, better tests.
Amongst the areas less tested there is protocol upgrades
and the REST handler.
@@ -37,7 +37,7 @@ are not ordered.
While eunit and ct tests are fine, some parts of the
code could benefit from PropEr tests.
-* Continuous performance testing.
+ * Continuous performance testing.
Initially dubbed the Horse project, Cowboy could benefit
from a continuous performance testing tool that would
@@ -49,37 +49,37 @@ are not ordered.
Cowboy to other servers and eventually take ideas from
the servers that outperform Cowboy for the task being tested.
-* Improve HTTP/1.0 support.
+ * Improve HTTP/1.0 support.
Most of the work on Cowboy has been done with HTTP/1.1
in mind. But there is still a need for HTTP/1.0 code in
Cowboy. The server code should be reviewed and tested
to ensure compatibility with remaining HTTP/1.0 products.
-* Complete the work on Websockets.
+ * Complete the work on Websockets.
Now that the Autobahn test suite is available (make inttests),
we have a definite way to know whether Cowboy's implementation
of Websockets is right. The work can thus be completed. The
remaining task is proper UTF8 handling.
-* SPDY support.
+ * SPDY support.
While SPDY probably won't be added directly to Cowboy, work
has been started on making Cowboy use SPDY.
-* Transport upgrades.
+ * Transport upgrades.
Some protocols allow an upgrade from TCP to SSL without
closing the connection. This is currently not possible
through the Cowboy API.
-* Resizing the acceptor pool.
+ * Resizing the acceptor pool.
We should be able to add more acceptors to a pool but also
to remove some of them as needed.
-* Simplified dispatch list.
+ * Simplified dispatch list.
For convenience purposes, the dispatch list should allow
lists instead of binaries. The lists can be converted to
@@ -88,7 +88,7 @@ are not ordered.
There has also been discussion on allowing the dispatch
list to be hierarchical.
-* Add Transport:secure/0.
+ * Add Transport:secure/0.
Currently Cowboy checks if a connection is secure by
checking if its name is 'ssl'. This isn't a very modular