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This document explains in as much details as possible the
list of planned changes and work to be done on the Cowboy
-server. It is non-exhaustive and subject to change. Items
-are not ordered.
+server. It is intended to be exhaustive but some elements
+might still be missing.
- * Add and improve examples
+All the following items must be done before Cowboy 1.0 is
- * Improve user guide
+ * Parse support for all standard HTTP/1.1 headers
- We need feedback to improve the guide.
+ * Support for multipart requests and responses
- * Add and improve tests
+ * Convenience API for extracting query string and body
+ information, similar to PHP's $_GET, $_POST and $_FILES
- Amongst the areas less tested there is protocol upgrades
- and the REST handler.
+ * Add Range support to REST
- While eunit and ct tests are fine, some parts of the
- code could benefit from PropEr tests.
- * Continuous performance testing
- Initially dubbed the Horse project, Cowboy could benefit
- from a continuous performance testing tool that would
- allow us to easily compare the impact of the changes we
- are introducing, similar to what the Phoronix test suite
- allows.
- Depending on the test it may be interesting to compare
- Cowboy to other servers and eventually take ideas from
- the servers that outperform Cowboy for the task being tested.
- * Full HTTP/1.1 support
- * Improved HTTP/1.0 support
- Most of the work on Cowboy has been done with HTTP/1.1
- in mind. But there is still a need for HTTP/1.0 code in
- Cowboy. The server code should be reviewed and tested
- to ensure compatibility with remaining HTTP/1.0 products.
+ * SPDY support
- * Continue improving the REST API
+ We are only interested in supporting existing
+ implementations, not the full protocol, as this
+ protocol has been abandoned in favor of HTTP/2.0
- * SPDY support
+ * Complete the user guide
-The following items pertain to Ranch.
+The following items pertain to Ranch, but are equally important.
* Resizing the acceptor pool
We should be able to add more acceptors to a pool but also
- to remove some of them as needed.
+ to remove some of them as needed
* Add Transport:secure/0
Currently Cowboy checks if a connection is secure by
checking if its name is 'ssl'. This isn't a very modular
solution, adding an API function that returns whether
- a connection is secure would fix that issue.
+ a connection is secure would fix that issue