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Forgot a todo in the ROADMAP
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@@ -33,8 +33,6 @@ All functions will return a single term, excluding the body
reading functions `body/{1,2}`, `body_qs/{1,2}`, `part/{1,2}`,
-%% @todo yeah qs and cookies too probably???
Of the functions returning a single term, some of them will
return a Req object. This includes the functions that already
return Req: `compact/1`, `delete_resp_header/2`, `set_meta/3`,
@@ -50,10 +48,16 @@ parsed header value, and crash on error. It will also not
cache the parsed value anymore, except for headers that Cowboy
requires, like the connection header.
+It is unsure what will become of the `qs_val`, `qs_vals`,
+`cookie` and `cookies` functions. The main idea at this point
+is to replace them with a `parse_qs/2` and `parse_cookies/2`
+that would return the parsed list, and let the user decide
+how to access it.
### init/terminate unification
-The first argument of the `init/3` is too rarely used. It
-will be removed.
+The first argument of the `init/3` function is too rarely used.
+It will be removed.
The return value of the `init/2` function will become
`{http, Req, State} | {loop, Req, State} | {Module, Req, State}`