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Fix more documentation todos
I have decided not to include a manual page for cowboy_stream_h at this point because it clashes with the cowboy_stream manual page. This decision will be revisited in the future.
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=== Sending frames
-// @todo So yeah, reply makes no sense. Maybe change it to send. Sigh.
+// @todo This will be deprecated and eventually replaced with a
+// {Commands, State} interface that allows providing more
+// functionality easily.
All `websocket_` callbacks share return values. They may
send zero, one or many frames to the client.
@@ -222,8 +224,6 @@ init(Req, State) ->
This value cannot be changed once it is set. It defaults to
-// @todo Perhaps the default should be changed.
=== Saving memory
The Websocket connection process can be set to hibernate