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Add {switch_handler, Module} return value to cowboy_rest
Also {switch_handler, Module, Opts}. Allows switching to a different handler type. This is particularly useful for processing most of the request with cowboy_rest and then streaming the response body using cowboy_loop.
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All callbacks take two arguments, the Req object and the State,
and return a three-element tuple of the form `{Value, Req, State}`.
-All callbacks can also return `{stop, Req, State}` to stop execution
-of the request.
+Nearly all callbacks can also return `{stop, Req, State}` to
+stop execution of the request, and
+`{{switch_handler, Module}, Req, State}` or
+`{{switch_handler, Module, Opts}, Req, State}` to switch to
+a different handler type. The exceptions are `expires`
+`generate_etag`, `last_modified` and `variances`.
The following table summarizes the callbacks and their default values.
If the callback isn't defined, then the default value will be used.