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Use active,N
This reduces the number of times we need to ask for more packets, and as a result we get a fairly large boost in performance, especially with HTTP/1.1. Unfortunately this makes Cowboy require at least Erlang/OTP 21.3+ because the ssl application did not have active,N. For simplicity the version required will be Erlang/OTP 22+. In addition this change improves hibernate handling in cowboy_websocket. Hibernate will now work for HTTP/2 transport as well, and stray or unrelated messages will no longer cancel hibernate (the process will handle the message and go back into hibernation). Thanks go to Stressgrid for benchmarking an early version of this commit: https://stressgrid.com/blog/cowboy_performance_part_2/
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to perform the necessary testing and security audits prior to deploying
on other platforms.
-Cowboy is developed for Erlang/OTP 20.0 and newer.
+Cowboy is developed for Erlang/OTP 22.0 and newer.
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