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Add the rate_limited/2 REST callback
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// @todo Add a way to switch to loop handler for streaming the body.
+=== rate_limited
+rate_limited(Req, State) -> {Result, Req, State}
+Result :: false | {true, RetryAfter}
+RetryAfter :: non_neg_integer() | calendar:datetime()
+Default - false
+Return whether the user is rate limited.
+This function can be used to temporarily restrict
+access to a resource when the user has issued too
+many requests.
+When the resource is rate limited the `RetryAfter`
+value will be sent in the retry-after header for the
+'429 Too Many Requests' response. It indicates when
+the resource will become available again and can be
+specified as a number of seconds in the future or a
+specific date/time.
=== resource_exists
@@ -696,6 +720,7 @@ listed here, like the authorization header.
== Changelog
+* *2.6*: The callback `rate_limited` was added.
* *2.1*: The `switch_handler` return value was added.
* *1.0*: Behavior introduced.