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Remove cowboy_sub_protocol from the documentation
This will be reintroduced in a future release once the interface stabilizes. For the time being it will be an internal module only.
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-= cowboy_sub_protocol(3)
-== Name
-cowboy_sub_protocol - sub protocol
-== Description
-The `cowboy_sub_protocol` behaviour defines the interface used
-by modules that implement a protocol on top of HTTP.
-== Callbacks
-=== upgrade(Req, Env, Handler, HandlerOpts) -> {ok, Req, Env} | {suspend, Module, Function, Args} | {stop, Req}
-Req = cowboy_req:req():: The Req object.
-Env = env():: The request environment.
-Handler = module():: Handler module.
-Opts = any():: Handler options.
-Module = module():: MFA to call when resuming the process.
-Function = atom():: MFA to call when resuming the process.
-Args = [any()]:: MFA to call when resuming the process.
-Upgrade the protocol.
-Please refer to the `cowboy_middleware` manual for a
-description of the return values.