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Change the type of cookie name to binary()
The API will be more consistent like this, and we can ensure that duplicate cookie names are never sent.
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@@ -14,13 +14,11 @@ set_resp_cookie(Name, Value, Req :: cowboy_req:req())
set_resp_cookie(Name, Value, Opts, Req :: cowboy_req:req())
-> Req
-Name :: iodata() %% case sensitive
+Name :: binary() %% case sensitive
Value :: iodata() %% case sensitive
Opts :: cow_cookie:cookie_opts()
-// @todo I am not particularly happy about the fact that the name is iodata().
Set a cookie to be sent with the response.
Note that cookie names are case sensitive.
@@ -53,6 +51,7 @@ otherwise the cookie will not be sent in the response.
== Changelog
* *2.0*: `set_resp_cookie/3` introduced as an alias to `set_resp_cookie/4` with no options.
+* *2.0*: The first argument type is now `binary()` instead of `iodata()`.
* *1.0*: Function introduced.
== Examples