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Minor documentation fixes
"make docs" should now work again.
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// a2x: --dblatex-opts "-P latex.output.revhistory=0 -P doc.publisher.show=0 -P index.numbered=0"
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// a2x: -d book --attribute tabsize=4
= Cowboy User Guide
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+\ProvidesPackage{asciidoc-dblatex}[2012/10/24 AsciiDoc DocBook Style]
+%% Just use the original package and pass the options.
+%% Define an alias for make snippets to be compatible with source-highlighter.
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== Flow diagram
Placeholder chapter.
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-title = "The Req object"
== The Req object
@@ -160,8 +156,8 @@ The scheme and host are lowercased case insensitive binary
strings. The port is an integer representing the port number.
The path and query string are case sensitive binary strings.
-Cowboy defines only the <<"http">> and <<"https">> schemes.
-They are chosen so that the scheme will only be <<"https">>
+Cowboy defines only the `<<"http">>` and `<<"https">>` schemes.
+They are chosen so that the scheme will only be `<<"https">>`
for requests on secure HTTP/1.1 or HTTP/2 connections.
// @todo Is that tested well?