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Better handle content negotiation when accept contains charsets
Thanks to Philip Witty for help figuring this out.
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@@ -272,6 +272,16 @@ Cowboy treats all parameters as case sensitive, except for the
should therefore always provide the charset as a lowercase
binary string.
+When a charset is given in the media type parameters in the
+accept header, Cowboy will do some additional checks to confirm
+that it can use this charset. When the wildcard is used then Cowboy
+will immediately call `charsets_provided` to confirm the charset
+is acceptable. If the callback is undefined Cowboy assumes any
+charset is acceptable. When the wildcard is not used and the charset
+given in the accept header matches one of the configured media
+types Cowboy will use that charset and skip the `charsets_provided`
+step entirely.
Cowboy will add the negotiated `media_type` to the Req object
after this step completes:
@@ -284,6 +294,16 @@ req() :: #{
// @todo Case sensitivity of parsed mime content?
+Cowboy may also add the negotiated `charset` to the Req object
+after this step completes:
+req() :: #{
+ charset => binary() %% lowercase; case insensitive
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