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Add a skeleton performance chapter to the guide
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= Additional information
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+== Performance
+This chapter describes the performance characteristics
+of Cowboy and offers suggestions to get the most
+performance out of your application.
+=== One process per connection
+The first version of Cowboy featured a single process
+per connection, whereas the current version of Cowboy
+features one process per connection plus one process
+per request. This has a negative impact on performance,
+but is necessary in order to provide a common interface
+for both HTTP/1.1 and HTTP/2 (as well as future HTTP
+It is still possible to use a single process per
+connection, and avoid the creation of additional
+processes for each request, by implementing a
+stream handler to process the requests. This can
+be done for all requests, or just for a single
+endpoint depending on the application's needs.
+Stream handlers provide an asynchronous interface
+and must not block, so the implementation will
+be very different from normal Cowboy handlers,
+but the performance gains are important enough
+to justify it in some cases.
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=== Built-in handlers
-Cowboy comes with two handlers.
+Cowboy comes with four handlers.
link:man:cowboy_stream_h(3)[cowboy_stream_h] is the default
stream handler. It is the core of much of the functionality