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Ensure stream terminate is called when switching protocols
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--- a/src/cowboy_http.erl
+++ b/src/cowboy_http.erl
@@ -878,22 +878,17 @@ commands(State0=#state{ref=Ref, parent=Parent, socket=Socket, transport=Transpor
%% @todo This should be the last stream running otherwise we need to wait before switching.
%% @todo If there's streams opened after this one, fail instead of 101.
State = cancel_timeout(State0),
- %% @todo When we actually do the upgrade, we only have the one stream left, plus
- %% possibly some processes terminating. We need a smart strategy for handling the
- %% children shutdown. We can start with brutal_kill and discarding the EXIT messages
- %% received before switching to Websocket. Something better would be to let the
- %% stream processes finish but that implies the Websocket module to know about
- %% them and filter the messages. For now, kill them all and discard all messages
- %% in the mailbox.
+ %% Send a 101 response, then terminate the stream.
+ State = #state{streams=Streams} = commands(State, StreamID, [{inform, 101, Headers}]),
+ #stream{state=StreamState} = lists:keyfind(StreamID, #stream.id, Streams),
+ %% @todo We need to shutdown processes here first.
+ stream_call_terminate(StreamID, switch_protocol, StreamState),
+ %% Terminate children processes and flush any remaining messages from the mailbox.
- %% Everything good, upgrade!
- _ = commands(State, StreamID, [{inform, 101, Headers}]),
%% @todo This is no good because commands return a state normally and here it doesn't
%% we need to let this module go entirely. Perhaps it should be handled directly in
- %% cowboy_clear/cowboy_tls? Perhaps not. We do want that Buffer.
+ %% cowboy_clear/cowboy_tls?
Protocol:takeover(Parent, Ref, Socket, Transport, Opts, <<>>, InitialState);
%% Stream shutdown.
commands(State, StreamID, [stop|Tail]) ->