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committerLoïc Hoguin <[email protected]>2014-06-02 23:09:43 +0200
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Add request body reading options
The options were added to allow developers to fix timeout issues when reading large bodies. It is also a cleaner and easier to extend interface. This commit deprecates the functions init_stream, stream_body and skip_body which are no longer needed. They will be removed in 1.0. The body function can now take an additional argument that is a list of options. The body_qs, part and part_body functions can too and simply pass this argument down to the body call. There are options for disabling the automatic continue reply, setting a maximum length to be returned (soft limit), setting the read length and read timeout, and setting the transfer and content decode functions. The return value of the body and body_qs have changed slightly. The body function now works similarly to the part_body function, in that it returns either an ok or a more tuple depending on whether there is additional data to be read. The body_qs function can return a badlength tuple if the body is too big. The default size has been increased from 16KB to 64KB. The default read length and timeout have been tweaked and vary depending on the function called. The body function will now adequately process chunked bodies, which means that the body_qs function will too. But this means that the behavior has changed slightly and your code should be tested properly when updating your code. The body and body_qs still accept a length as first argument for compatibility purpose with older code. Note that this form is deprecated and will be removed in 1.0. The part and part_body function, being new and never having been in a release yet, have this form completely removed in this commit. Again, while most code should work as-is, you should make sure that it actually does before pushing this to production.
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diff --git a/test/http_SUITE_data/http_body_qs.erl b/test/http_SUITE_data/http_body_qs.erl
index f1b974d..8a438e6 100644
--- a/test/http_SUITE_data/http_body_qs.erl
+++ b/test/http_SUITE_data/http_body_qs.erl
@@ -15,8 +15,8 @@ handle(Req, State) ->
maybe_echo(<<"POST">>, true, Req) ->
case cowboy_req:body_qs(Req) of
- {error,badlength} ->
- echo(badlength, Req);
+ {badlength, Req2} ->
+ echo(badlength, Req2);
{ok, PostVals, Req2} ->
echo(proplists:get_value(<<"echo">>, PostVals), Req2)
diff --git a/test/http_SUITE_data/http_echo_body.erl b/test/http_SUITE_data/http_echo_body.erl
index 014e05a..4f2afb2 100644
--- a/test/http_SUITE_data/http_echo_body.erl
+++ b/test/http_SUITE_data/http_echo_body.erl
@@ -10,17 +10,11 @@ init({_, http}, Req, _) ->
handle(Req, State) ->
true = cowboy_req:has_body(Req),
{ok, Req3} = case cowboy_req:body(1000000, Req) of
- {error, chunked} -> handle_chunked(Req);
- {error, badlength} -> handle_badlength(Req);
- {ok, Body, Req2} -> handle_body(Req2, Body)
+ {ok, Body, Req2} -> handle_body(Req2, Body);
+ {more, _, Req2} -> handle_badlength(Req2)
{ok, Req3, State}.
-handle_chunked(Req) ->
- {ok, Data, Req2} = read_body(Req, <<>>, 1000000),
- {ok, Req3} = cowboy_req:reply(200, [], Data, Req2),
- {ok, Req3}.
handle_badlength(Req) ->
{ok, Req2} = cowboy_req:reply(413, [], <<"Request entity too large">>, Req),
{ok, Req2}.
@@ -33,13 +27,3 @@ handle_body(Req, Body) ->
terminate(_, _, _) ->
-% Read chunked request content
-read_body(Req, Acc, BodyLengthRemaining) ->
- case cowboy_req:stream_body(Req) of
- {ok, Data, Req2} ->
- BodyLengthRem = BodyLengthRemaining - byte_size(Data),
- read_body(Req2, << Acc/binary, Data/binary >>, BodyLengthRem);
- {done, Req2} ->
- {ok, Acc, Req2}
- end.
diff --git a/test/http_SUITE_data/http_loop_stream_recv.erl b/test/http_SUITE_data/http_loop_stream_recv.erl
index 9f7646a..ce0d1da 100644
--- a/test/http_SUITE_data/http_loop_stream_recv.erl
+++ b/test/http_SUITE_data/http_loop_stream_recv.erl
@@ -14,12 +14,12 @@ info(stream, Req, undefined) ->
stream(Req, 1, <<>>).
stream(Req, ID, Acc) ->
- case cowboy_req:stream_body(Req) of
- {ok, Data, Req2} ->
- parse_id(Req2, ID, << Acc/binary, Data/binary >>);
- {done, Req2} ->
+ case cowboy_req:body(Req) of
+ {ok, <<>>, Req2} ->
{ok, Req3} = cowboy_req:reply(200, Req2),
- {ok, Req3, undefined}
+ {ok, Req3, undefined};
+ {_, Data, Req2} ->
+ parse_id(Req2, ID, << Acc/binary, Data/binary >>)
parse_id(Req, ID, Data) ->