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authorJames Fish <[email protected]>2013-02-18 21:20:36 +0000
committerJames Fish <[email protected]>2013-04-26 21:02:10 +0100
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Add chunked response body fun
Adds a new type of streaming response fun. It can be set in a similar way to a streaming body fun with known length: Req2 = cowboy_req:set_resp_body_fun(chunked, StreamFun, Req) The fun, StreamFun, should accept a fun as its single argument. This fun, ChunkFun, is used to send chunks of iodata: ok = ChunkFun(IoData) ChunkFun should not be called with an empty binary or iolist as this will cause HTTP 1.1 clients to believe the stream is over. The final (0 length) chunk will be sent automatically - even if it has already been sent - assuming no exception is raised. Also note that the connection will close after the last chunk for HTTP 1.0 clients.
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diff --git a/test/http_SUITE_data/http_stream_body.erl b/test/http_SUITE_data/http_stream_body.erl
index 4f45656..d896797 100644
--- a/test/http_SUITE_data/http_stream_body.erl
+++ b/test/http_SUITE_data/http_stream_body.erl
@@ -19,7 +19,11 @@ handle(Req, State=#state{headers=_Headers, body=Body, reply=Reply}) ->
SLen = iolist_size(Body),
cowboy_req:set_resp_body_fun(SLen, SFun, Req);
set_resp_close ->
- cowboy_req:set_resp_body_fun(SFun, Req)
+ cowboy_req:set_resp_body_fun(SFun, Req);
+ set_resp_chunked ->
+ %% Here Body should be a list of chunks, not a binary.
+ SFun2 = fun(SendFun) -> lists:foreach(SendFun, Body) end,
+ cowboy_req:set_resp_body_fun(chunked, SFun2, Req)
{ok, Req3} = cowboy_req:reply(200, Req2),
{ok, Req3, State}.