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Fix the flushing of messages when switching to Websocket
We now flush messages that are specific to cowboy_http only. Stream handlers should also flush their own specific messages if necessary, although timeouts will be flushed regardless of where they originate from. Also renames the http_SUITE to old_http_SUITE to distinguish new tests from old tests. Most old tests need to be removed or converted eventually as they're legacy tests from Cowboy 1.0.
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@@ -108,10 +108,6 @@ proc_lib_initial_call_tls(Config) ->
%% the receiving process module. When a system message is received,
%% function handle_system_msg/6 is called to handle the request.
-%% @todo The flush/0 function in cowboy_http needs to be fixed
-%% so that it doesn't eat up system messages. It should only
-%% flush messages that are specific to cowboy_http.
bad_system_from_h1(Config) ->
doc("h1: Sending a system message with a bad From value results in a process crash."),
{ok, Socket} = gen_tcp:connect("localhost", config(clear_port, Config), [{active, false}]),