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Initialize trace patterns only once
They are global for the node for all future call trace flags, so it's not necessary to set them repeatedly with every request. Doing it once at startup also ensures we can't have race conditions when the user wants to change which trace patterns should be used (because requests are concurrent and patterns end up overwriting themselves repeatedly), and makes this changing of trace patterns much more straightforward: the user can just define the ones they want. The default function traces everything. In addition I have also added the tracer_flags option to make the trace flags configurable, excluding the tracer pid.
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@@ -22,7 +22,10 @@
%% ct.
+%% We initialize trace patterns here. Appropriate would be in
+%% init_per_suite/1, but this works just as well.
all() ->
+ cowboy_tracer_h:set_trace_patterns(),
%% We want tests for each group to execute sequentially