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:: Prerequisites
-No Erlang knowledge is required for reading this guide. The reader will
-be introduced to Erlang concepts and redirected to reference material
-whenever necessary.
+Beginner Erlang knowledge is recommended for reading this guide.
Knowledge of the HTTP protocol is recommended but not required, as it
will be detailed throughout the guide.
@@ -32,12 +30,15 @@ guarantee that the experience will be safe and smooth. You are advised
to perform the necessary testing and security audits prior to deploying
on other platforms.
-Cowboy is developed for Erlang/OTP R16B01, R16B02, R16B03-1, 17.0 and
+Cowboy is developed for Erlang/OTP 17.0, 17.1.2 and 17.3. By the time
+this branch gets released the target version will probably be 18.0 and
Cowboy may be compiled on other Erlang versions with small source code
modifications but there is no guarantee that it will work as expected.
+Cowboy uses the maps data type which was introduced in Erlang 17.0.
:: Versioning
Cowboy uses ^"Semantic Versioning 2.0.0^http://semver.org/^.