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@@ -27,7 +27,10 @@ opts() :: {priv_file, App, Path}
App :: atom()
Path :: binary() | string()
-Extra :: [Etag | Mimetypes]
+Extra :: [Charset | Etag | Mimetypes]
+Charset :: {charset, module(), function()}
+ | {charset, binary()}
Etag :: {etag, module(), function()}
| {etag, false}
@@ -72,6 +75,20 @@ current directory.
The extra options allow you to define how the etag should be
calculated and how the MIME type of files should be detected.
+By default the static handler will not send a charset with
+the response. You can provide a specific charset that will
+be used for all files using the text media type, or provide
+a module and function that will be called when needed:
+detect_charset(Path :: binary()) -> Charset :: binary()
+A charset must always be returned even if it doesn't make
+sense considering the media type of the file. A good default
+is `<<"utf-8">>`.
By default the static handler will generate an etag based
on the size and modification time of the file. You may disable
the etag entirely with `{etag, false}` or provide a module
@@ -112,6 +129,7 @@ when it fails to detect a file's MIME type.
== Changelog
+* *2.6*: The `charset` extra option was added.
* *1.0*: Handler introduced.
== Examples