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@@ -26,11 +26,14 @@ opts() :: #{
initial_connection_window_size => 65535..16#7fffffff,
initial_stream_window_size => 0..16#7fffffff,
max_concurrent_streams => non_neg_integer() | infinity,
+ max_connection_buffer_size => non_neg_integer(),
max_connection_window_size => 0..16#7fffffff,
max_decode_table_size => non_neg_integer(),
max_encode_table_size => non_neg_integer(),
max_frame_size_received => 16384..16777215,
max_frame_size_sent => 16384..16777215 | infinity,
+ max_received_frame_rate => {pos_integer(), timeout()},
+ max_reset_stream_rate => {pos_integer(), timeout()},
max_stream_buffer_size => non_neg_integer(),
max_stream_window_size => 0..16#7fffffff,
preface_timeout => timeout(),
@@ -38,6 +41,7 @@ opts() :: #{
sendfile => boolean(),
settings_timeout => timeout(),
stream_handlers => [module()],
+ stream_window_data_threshold => 0..16#7fffffff,
stream_window_margin_size => 0..16#7fffffff,
stream_window_update_threshold => 0..16#7fffffff
@@ -104,6 +108,12 @@ max_concurrent_streams (infinity)::
Maximum number of concurrent streams allowed on the connection.
+max_connection_buffer_size (16000000)::
+Maximum size of all stream buffers for this connection, in bytes.
+This is a soft limit used to apply backpressure to handlers that
+send data faster than the HTTP/2 connection allows.
max_connection_window_size (16#7fffffff)::
Maximum connection window size in bytes. This is used as an upper bound
@@ -137,6 +147,22 @@ following the client's advertised maximum.
Note that actual frame sizes may be lower than the limit when
there is not enough space left in the flow control window.
+max_received_frame_rate ({1000, 10000})::
+Maximum frame rate allowed per connection. The rate is expressed
+as a tuple `{NumFrames, TimeMs}` indicating how many frames are
+allowed over the given time period. This is similar to a supervisor
+restart intensity/period.
+max_reset_stream_rate ({10, 10000})::
+Maximum reset stream rate per connection. This can be used to
+protect against misbehaving or malicious peers that do not follow
+the protocol, leading to the server resetting streams, by limiting
+the number of streams that can be reset over a certain time period.
+The rate is expressed as a tuple `{NumResets, TimeMs}`. This is
+similar to a supervisor restart intensity/period.
max_stream_buffer_size (8000000)::
Maximum stream buffer size in bytes. This is a soft limit used
@@ -173,6 +199,13 @@ stream_handlers ([cowboy_stream_h])::
Ordered list of stream handlers that will handle all stream events.
+stream_window_data_threshold (16384)::
+Window threshold in bytes below which Cowboy will not attempt
+to send data, with one exception. When Cowboy has data to send
+and the window is high enough, Cowboy will always send the data,
+regardless of this option.
stream_window_margin_size (65535)::
Extra amount in bytes to be added to the window size when
@@ -193,9 +226,14 @@ too many `WINDOW_UPDATE` frames.
`max_connection_window_size`, `max_stream_window_size`,
`stream_window_margin_size` and
`stream_window_update_threshold` to configure
- behavior on sending WINDOW_UPDATE frames, and
+ behavior on sending WINDOW_UPDATE frames;
+ `max_connection_buffer_size` and
`max_stream_buffer_size` to apply backpressure
- when sending data too fast.
+ when sending data too fast;
+ `max_received_frame_rate` and `max_reset_stream_rate`
+ to protect against various flood scenarios; and
+ `stream_window_data_threshold` to control how small
+ the DATA frames that Cowboy sends can get.
* *2.6*: The `proxy_header` and `sendfile` options were added.
* *2.4*: Add the options `initial_connection_window_size`,
`initial_stream_window_size`, `max_concurrent_streams`,