AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-05-12Cowboyïc Hoguin
2021-04-24Two more HTTP specsLoïc Hoguin
2021-04-24Cowlib 2.11.0 and Ranch 1.8.0Loïc Hoguin
2020-11-27AcceptCallback may now return created/see_other tuples for POSTMartin Björklund
2020-11-27Also include trace messages when timestamp flag isn't usedSebastian Strollo
2020-11-27Use functions for inititalizing rate limitingSimon Johansson
2020-11-27Graceful shutdownViktor Söderqvist
2020-11-23Use gun:ws_send/3 in testsLoïc Hoguin
2020-11-23Don't produce an error report for normal stream process exitsLoïc Hoguin
2020-10-07Update Erlang.mkLoïc Hoguin
2020-08-19Minor grammar correctionsThomas Sciaroni
2020-07-03Fix concurrent body streaming getting stuck with HTTP/2Loïc Hoguin
2020-07-01Tweak a sentence in the guideLoïc Hoguin
2020-05-28Fix the cowboy_req:inform/3 example in the manualLoïc Hoguin
2020-05-23Remove jQuery, cleanup Websocket example a bit2.8.0Loïc Hoguin
2020-05-21Cowboy 2.8.0Loïc Hoguin
2020-05-20204 and 304 responses must not include a bodyLoïc Hoguin
2020-05-20Increase the default max_keepalive HTTP option to 1000Loïc Hoguin
2020-05-20Don't stop listeners that don't exist in static_handler_SUITELoïc Hoguin
2020-05-20Clarify the routing algorithmLoïc Hoguin
2020-04-08Increase the timetrap timeout in req_SUITE on WindowsLoïc Hoguin
2020-04-08Get rid of timeouts in metrics_SUITELoïc Hoguin
2020-04-08Document the HTTP/2 linger_timeout optionLoïc Hoguin
2020-04-08Clarify that protocol opts may be defined by stream handlersLoïc Hoguin
2020-04-07Allow {error, enotconn} as test success in security_SUITELoïc Hoguin
2020-04-06Rely on timetrap timeouts for tracer_SUITELoïc Hoguin
2020-04-06NO_PARALLEL=1 will disable (most) parallel testingLoïc Hoguin
2020-04-06Experiment with a linger_timeout for HTTP/2Loïc Hoguin
2020-04-06Increase the req_SUITE timetrap timeout on WindowsLoïc Hoguin
2020-04-05Reduce the pipeline test body sizes to avoid filling send buffersLoïc Hoguin
2020-04-04Fix active mode and flow control during pipeliningLoïc Hoguin
2020-04-02Disable ws_SUITE:unlimited_connections on WindowsLoïc Hoguin
2020-04-02Skip ws_SUITE:unlimited_connections when ulimit -n is too lowLoïc Hoguin
2020-04-02Make req_SUITE:read*_body_urlencoded_too_long tests reliableLoïc Hoguin
2020-04-02Update rebar.configLoïc Hoguin
2020-04-02Use infinity timeout for gun:await* calls in req_SUITELoïc Hoguin
2020-04-02Rework the req_SUITE:read_body_period testLoïc Hoguin
2020-04-01Change a few flaky tests to use timetrap and infinity timeoutsLoïc Hoguin
2020-04-01Update Cowlib to 2.9.1Loïc Hoguin
2020-04-01Fix h2spec "invalid preface sequence" testLoïc Hoguin
2020-03-30Fix the req_SUITE:parse_cookie testLoïc Hoguin
2020-03-30Add more headers to cowboy_req:parse_header/2,3Loïc Hoguin
2020-03-30Update Cowlib to 2.9.0Loïc Hoguin
2020-03-29Update Erlang.mkLoïc Hoguin
2020-03-29Add more router testsLoïc Hoguin
2020-03-29Increase the default max_received_frame_rateLoïc Hoguin
2020-03-29Add more specificationsLoïc Hoguin
2020-03-29Cowboy itself doesn't use proper; Cowlib doesLoïc Hoguin
2020-02-08Add Trace Context to the list of specsLoïc Hoguin
2020-02-08Clarify modifying/adding to the Req objectLoïc Hoguin