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2019-09-18Only test on the latest release per OTP major version by defaultLoïc Hoguin
2019-09-06Use Gun master for testsLoïc Hoguin
We no longer support OTP-19 so we don't need to stay on the old Gun version anymore.
2019-09-05Fix and optimize sending of WINDOW_UPDATE framesLoïc Hoguin
For long-running connections it was possible for the connection window to become larger than allowed by the protocol because the window increases claimed by stream handlers were never reclaimed even if no data was consumed. The new code applies heuristics to fix this and reduce the number of WINDOW_UPDATE frames that are sent. It includes six new options to control that behavior: margin, max and threshold for both the connection and stream windows. The margin is some extra space added on top of the requested read size. The max is the maximum window size at any given time. The threshold is a minimum window size that must be reached before we even consider sending more WINDOW_UPDATE frames. We also avoid sending WINDOW_UPDATE frames when there is already enough space in the window, or when the read size is 0. Cowlib is set to master until a new tag is done.
2019-08-29Update CI to only test on OTP-20+Loïc Hoguin
2019-04-05Cowboyïc Hoguin
2019-04-05Add a prepare_tag target to help with releasingLoïc Hoguin
2019-04-04Cowboyïc Hoguin
Updates Cowlib to 2.7.2.
2019-04-03Use Gun 1.2.0 for tests to avoid OTP-19 issuesLoïc Hoguin
And temporarily depend on Cowlib master to confirm everything works as intended.
2019-04-01Cowlib 2.7.1Loïc Hoguin
2019-03-10Don't error out when h2spec can't be compiledLoïc Hoguin
2019-03-08Use Gun 1.3.0 instead of master for testsLoïc Hoguin
2018-11-28Cowboyïc Hoguin
2018-11-28Update Ranch to 1.7.1Loïc Hoguin
2018-11-20Don't run long test suites by defaultLoïc Hoguin
The examples test suite is only useful once in a while in order to know whether examples were broken, for example before issuing a release. The new ws_autobahn test suite isolates the autobahn test suite so that it can be ignored by default. It's only useful to run it when working on the Websocket code or before issuing a release.
2018-11-17Prepare the Cowboy 2.6 releaseLoïc Hoguin
2018-11-14Ranch 1.7.0Loïc Hoguin
2018-10-31Always dialyze tests and fix some cowboy_req specsLoïc Hoguin
2018-10-30Initial support for the PROXY protocol headerLoïc Hoguin
Depend on Ranch master for now since it isn't in any release yet.
2018-10-26Switch cowboy_http2 to the new cow_http2_machineLoïc Hoguin
The new module is a merge of the Cowboy and Gun HTTP/2 state machines. Using a common code will help future developments rather than duplicating the work. A notable change is in how streams are terminated when the handler stops before the body is sent. The cowboy_stream:terminate function is now called only after the body has been sent fully (or the stream is reset in-between), not when the stop command is returned. This will most likely have an impact on metrics but will be closer to reality. I had to comment a broken test in rfc7231_SUITE that was cheating, cheating is no longer possible. This depends on Cowlib master for the time being. A new Cowlib version will be released once both Cowboy and Gun are ported to use cow_http2_machine and I'm satisfied with it.
2018-10-02Shorten a command in the MakefileLoïc Hoguin
2018-09-23Update Ranch to 1.6.2getong
2018-09-21Update Cowlib to 2.6.0Loïc Hoguin
2018-09-12Prepare the 2.5.0 releaseLoïc Hoguin
2018-09-12Update Cowlib to 2.5.1Loïc Hoguin
2018-08-13See if recompiling ct_helper every time fixes ci buildsLoïc Hoguin
2018-08-13Update Ranch to 1.6.1Loïc Hoguin
2018-05-23Don't fail when copying erl_make_certsLoïc Hoguin
2018-05-07Move cowboy_iolists to Cowlib as cow_iolistsLoïc Hoguin
Depend on Cowlib master for the moment.
2018-04-30Update Cowboy to 2.4.0Loïc Hoguin
2018-04-30Update Cowlib to 2.3.0Loïc Hoguin
2018-04-26Fix building of h2spec on FreeBSDLoïc Hoguin
2018-04-25Fix the h2spec git URLLoïc Hoguin
2018-04-25Build h2spec automatically when running testsLoïc Hoguin
2018-04-10Update Ranch to 1.5.0Loïc Hoguin
2018-04-06Depend on Cowlib master for nowLoïc Hoguin
2018-03-28Tentatively update Cowboy toïc Hoguin
2018-03-28Update Cowlib to 2.2.1Loïc Hoguin
2018-03-05Add a test suite for RFC7538; update Cowlib to 2.2.0Loïc Hoguin
This adds the 308 status code and fixes a few small parsing bugs.
2018-02-28Enable ci.erlang.mk only when CI_ERLANG_MK=1 is setLoïc Hoguin
This will avoid issues with other people's build systems.
2018-01-24Update Cowboy toïc Hoguin
2018-01-23Update Cowboy toïc Hoguin
2018-01-23Fix a miscount of output flow control window for HTTP/2Loïc Hoguin
The miscount occurred because of a faulty iolist split function. The bug should now be corrected, a PropEr test has been added and a regression test has also been added.
2017-12-11Update Cowboy to 2.2.0Loïc Hoguin
2017-11-19Add AUTO_CI_WINDOWS variableLoïc Hoguin
2017-11-17Move ci.erlang.mk to TEST_DEPSLoïc Hoguin
2017-11-17Tweak the MakefileLoïc Hoguin
2017-11-15Add preliminary support for trailers in responsesLoïc Hoguin
This depends on changes in Cowlib that are only available on master.
2017-11-12Use my new ci.erlang.mk pluginLoïc Hoguin
Instead of tracking Erlang/OTP versions manually in each project, I can just say OTP-19+ and let the plugin fill in the most recent patch releases for each version. In addition I will configure the CI commands to cleanup unneeded versions automatically.
2017-11-08Update Cowboy to 2.1.0Loïc Hoguin
Also add OTP-20.1.4 to CI.
2017-11-01Update Cowlib to 2.0.1 and fix OTP 20.1+ Websocket compressionLoïc Hoguin
Unfortunately compression will be disabled for 20.1, 20.1.1 and 20.1.2. In additiona I do not recommend 20.1.3 due to issues inflating some specific sizes.