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2017-09-04Fix more documentation todosLoïc Hoguin
I have decided not to include a manual page for cowboy_stream_h at this point because it clashes with the cowboy_stream manual page. This decision will be revisited in the future.
2017-06-28Improve the interface for constraintsLoïc Hoguin
There are two important changes in this commit. Constraints are now producing an error tuple. This error tuple in turn can be provided to a function for formatting a human readable error message. Both the error tuple and the formatting code are controlled by and part of the constraint function. Constraints now also implement the reverse operation. When constraint functions only validate, the reverse operation will be the same as the forward operation. When they also do some conversion then the reverse operation will reverse it. Since constraints are now performing 3 different operations (forward, reverse and format_error), they now take the form of a function accepting two separate arguments. The operation is the first argument. In addition, the return value was changed to take the form of {ok, Value} | {error, Reason}. The value must be returned as-is if it was not modified.
2017-01-02Welcome to 2017Loïc Hoguin
2017-01-02Numerous Dialyzer fixesLoïc Hoguin
2016-08-10Use binary_to_integer instead of to list and backLoïc Hoguin
2014-09-23Breaking update of the cowboy_req interfaceLoïc Hoguin
Simplify the interface for most cowboy_req functions. They all return a single value except the four body reading functions. The reply functions now only return a Req value. Access functions do not return a Req anymore. Functions that used to cache results do not have a cache anymore. The interface for accessing query string and cookies has therefore been changed. There are now three query string functions: qs/1 provides access to the raw query string value; parse_qs/1 returns the query string as a list of key/values; match_qs/2 returns a map containing the values requested in the second argument, after applying constraints and default value. Similarly, there are two cookie functions: parse_cookies/1 and match_cookies/2. More match functions will be added in future commits. None of the functions return an error tuple anymore. It either works or crashes. Cowboy will attempt to provide an appropriate status code in the response of crashed handlers. As a result, the content decode function has its return value changed to a simple binary, and the body reading functions only return on success.