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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2016-03-13Fix more HTTP/2 handshake test casesLoïc Hoguin
2016-03-12Add initial HTTP/1.1 Upgrade to HTTP/2Loïc Hoguin
2016-03-10Add the beginning of the rfc7540 test suiteLoïc Hoguin
2016-03-06Fix warningsLoïc Hoguin
2016-03-05Initial commit with connection/streamsLoïc Hoguin
2015-02-04Use cowlib for parsing headers; remove cowboy_httpLoïc Hoguin
2014-09-23Breaking update of the cowboy_req interfaceLoïc Hoguin
2014-04-26Merge branch 'language-range-header' of git://github.com/NineFX/cowboyLoïc Hoguin
2014-04-17Merge branch 'fix/basic-auth-empty-password' of git://github.com/soundrop/cowboyLoïc Hoguin
2014-03-26Remove outdated comments, all edoc, plus a few minor tweaksLoïc Hoguin
2014-03-24Use the new chunked and identity transfer decoding code from cowlibLoïc Hoguin
2014-03-10Remove cowboy_http:urldecode/1 and urlencode/1Loïc Hoguin
2014-02-09Allow empty passwords when parsing Basic authorization headerAli Sabil
2014-02-06Update copyright yearsLoïc Hoguin
2014-01-24Allows language_range/2 to parse RFC5646 language codes.Drew
2013-11-26Fix tohexu/1 and tohexl/1Matthias Endler
2013-11-08Optimize query string parsingLoïc Hoguin
2013-10-23Move cookie parsing/building code to cowlibLoïc Hoguin
2013-07-05Fix decoding of chunked body.James Fish
2013-06-20Add support for the webkit deflate frame extensionAli Sabil
2013-05-31In content-types, the charset parameter is converted to lowercaseLoïc Hoguin
2013-05-16Move cowboy_http:status() to cowboy:http_status()Loïc Hoguin
2013-05-16Move cowboy_http:headers() to cowboy:http_headers()Loïc Hoguin
2013-05-16Move cowboy_http:version() to cowboy:http_version()Loïc Hoguin
2013-05-16Make the HTTP version type more practicalLoïc Hoguin
2013-05-15Change some module calls to local function callsLoïc Hoguin
2013-04-26Merge branch 'range_header' of git://github.com/Egobrain/cowboyLoïc Hoguin
2013-04-26Added range header parserEgobrain
2013-04-26Removed asserts from unit testsEgobrain
2013-04-25Cookie names are case sensitiveLoïc Hoguin
2013-03-05Make streamed chunk size configurableLoïc Hoguin
2013-02-12Make cowboy_http.erl compile with +nativeAdam Cammack
2013-02-06Strip whitespaces when authorization type is unknownLoïc Hoguin
2013-01-29Merge branch 'feature_basic_auth' of https://github.com/ivlis/cowboyLoïc Hoguin
2013-01-30Implement authorization header parsingIvan Lisenkov
2013-01-29Fix chunked streaming of request body and improve speedLoïc Hoguin
2013-01-04Hello 2013Loïc Hoguin
2012-12-20We accept iodata() when setting cookies; fix thatLoïc Hoguin
2012-12-20Fix parsing of the Cookie headerLoïc Hoguin
2012-12-17Fix cowboy_http:cookie_to_iodata/3Loïc Hoguin
2012-12-13Add missing quotes to quoting for cookie valuesLoïc Hoguin
2012-12-07Make cookies use universal time instead of local timeLoïc Hoguin
2012-09-29Remove the urldecode cowboy_protocol optionLoïc Hoguin
2012-09-27Optimize Connection header parsingLoïc Hoguin
2012-09-26Optimize cowboy_protocolLoïc Hoguin
2012-09-23Use binary:match/2 instead of binary:split/2 in cowboy_httpLoïc Hoguin
2012-09-21Don't use decode_packet/3 for parsing the headersLoïc Hoguin
2012-09-21Don't use decode_packet/3 for parsing the request-lineLoïc Hoguin
2012-09-17Replace many proplists:get_value/{2,3} calls by BIFsLoïc Hoguin
2012-09-17Include the eunit file only if TEST is definedLoïc Hoguin