path: root/src/cowboy_router.erl
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-11-14Document some undefined behavior in cowboy_routerLoïc Hoguin
2018-05-17Move a router test from old_http_SUITE to cowboy_routerLoïc Hoguin
2018-01-16Allow colon within path segmentsPaul Fisher
2017-12-06Properly handle OPTIONS * requestsLoïc Hoguin
2017-10-03Make sure a path parsing error in the router gives a 400Loïc Hoguin
2017-06-28Fix wrong percent encoding in a router testLoïc Hoguin
2017-06-28Remove the cyrillic latin1 testLoïc Hoguin
2017-06-28Fix unit tests in cowboy_router following interface changesLoïc Hoguin
2017-06-28Improve the interface for constraintsLoïc Hoguin
2017-02-19Change the type of bindings from a list to a mapLoïc Hoguin
2017-01-02Welcome to 2017Loïc Hoguin
2016-06-06Router: properly handle path segmentsLoïc Hoguin
2016-03-05Initial commit with connection/streamsLoïc Hoguin
2015-02-01Add a test with host ending in a dot in the routerLoïc Hoguin
2014-11-07Rename 'halt' to 'stop' for better consistencyLoïc Hoguin
2014-10-03Replace some /binary to /bits in binary pattern matchingLoïc Hoguin
2014-09-24Small tweak from erlang:error/1 to error/1Loïc Hoguin
2014-09-24Remove the error tuple return value for middlewaresLoïc Hoguin
2014-09-23Make routing constraints use the fields formatLoïc Hoguin
2014-09-23Breaking update of the cowboy_req interfaceLoïc Hoguin
2014-03-26Remove outdated comments, all edoc, plus a few minor tweaksLoïc Hoguin
2014-03-25Make the latin1 cyrillic route tests work on R17+Loïc Hoguin
2014-03-10Remove cowboy_http:urldecode/1 and urlencode/1Loïc Hoguin
2014-02-06Update copyright yearsLoïc Hoguin
2013-11-08Clarify error msg for route lacking starting slashDanielle Sucher
2013-04-26Removed asserts from unit testsEgobrain
2013-03-24add iolist support to route_matchTristan Sloughter
2013-03-02Fix cowboy_router typesLoïc Hoguin
2013-02-27Fix an incorrect comment in cowboy_routerLoïc Hoguin
2013-01-25Do not transform URIs to UnicodeVladimir Dronnikov
2013-01-29If a binding is reused, we check that values are identicalLoïc Hoguin
2013-01-28Add the 'function' constraintLoïc Hoguin
2013-01-28Add the 'int' constraintLoïc Hoguin
2013-01-28New routingLoïc Hoguin
2013-01-22Remove cowboy_dispatcherLoïc Hoguin
2013-01-03Add middleware supportLoïc Hoguin