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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2012-12-01Use Transport:sendfile/2 from RanchLoïc Hoguin
2012-11-30Return a 400 error if the Accept header was incorrectLoïc Hoguin
2012-11-29Add a better error message when user callbacks are not exportedLoïc Hoguin
2012-11-29static: Allow passing the mimetype fun as a {M, F} tupleLoïc Hoguin
2012-11-28Update the cowboy_websocket_handler specsLoïc Hoguin
2012-11-28Clarify error reports indicating they come from CowboyLoïc Hoguin
2012-11-28Merge branch 'master' of git://github.com/chancila/cowboyLoïc Hoguin
2012-11-27charsets_provided in rest module to return [binary()]Cristian Hancila
2012-11-27Fixed onrequest path-related issueserge
2012-11-27Merge branch 'fix/websocket-check-error-on-send' of git://github.com/tillitec...Loïc Hoguin
2012-11-27Cosmetic changes to various documentation filesLoïc Hoguin
2012-11-27Do not try to keep-alive when using HTTP/1.0Loïc Hoguin
2012-11-27Check for errors when calling Transport:send in the websocket protocolAli Sabil
2012-11-27Merge branch '400_Bad_Request' of git://github.com/blinkov/cowboyLoïc Hoguin
2012-11-27Fix dispatch documentation with regards to the <<"*">> pathLoïc Hoguin
2012-11-26Merge branch 'master' of git://github.com/josevalim/cowboyLoïc Hoguin
2012-11-26Fix a small typo in the rest_init error messageLoïc Hoguin
2012-11-24Merge pull request #297 from puzza007/masterLoïc Hoguin
2012-11-16REST: Fix the status code sent if the content type isn't knownLoïc Hoguin
2012-11-13Add a few more infos to the .app.src for private useLoïc Hoguin
2012-11-10Convert headers to lowercaseJulian Squires
2012-10-27Return "400 Bad Request" instead of crashing process on incorrect queries lik...Ivan Blinkov
2012-10-25musnt is not the correct contraction of mustn't - use must_not insteadPaul Oliver
2012-10-25Mimetype lookup expects lowercase extensionsLoïc Hoguin
2012-10-19Fix examples in cowboy_static edocLoïc Hoguin
2012-10-13Clarify docs for known_methods and allowed_methods.Josh Allmann
2012-10-11Do not remove duplicated Set-Cookie entriesJosé Valim
2012-10-11Allow websocket handlers to reply more than one frameLoïc Hoguin
2012-10-11Fix Vary header, was wrongly named Variances previouslyLoïc Hoguin
2012-10-11Add crypto into the required applicationsLoïc Hoguin
2012-10-11Cleanup cowboy_req:parse_header/3Loïc Hoguin
2012-10-04The onresponse hook now receives 4 arguments, including the bodyLoïc Hoguin
2012-10-04Fix the parsing of the Connection headerLoïc Hoguin
2012-09-29Remove a redundant functionLoïc Hoguin
2012-09-29Merge pull request #254 from billiob/masterLoïc Hoguin
2012-09-29Add max_headers optionLoïc Hoguin
2012-09-29Add missing options in the cowboy_protocol documentationLoïc Hoguin
2012-09-29Fix a small edoc issueLoïc Hoguin
2012-09-29Remove the urldecode cowboy_protocol optionLoïc Hoguin
2012-09-29Add cowboy_req:get/2 and :set/2 private functionsLoïc Hoguin
2012-09-27Optimize Connection header parsingLoïc Hoguin
2012-09-27Add cowboy_req:fragment/1Loïc Hoguin
2012-09-26Optimize cowboy_protocolLoïc Hoguin
2012-09-26Use a single Transport:send/2 call to send the reply if possibleLoïc Hoguin
2012-09-24Remove a '++' use when replyingLoïc Hoguin
2012-09-24Removal of binary:split from cowboy_dispatcher and small optimizationsLoïc Hoguin
2012-09-24Use binary:match/2 instead of binary:split/2 in cowboy_dispatcherLoïc Hoguin
2012-09-23Extract the buffer out of the #state{} in cowboy_protocolLoïc Hoguin
2012-09-23Use binary:match/2 instead of binary:split/2 in cowboy_httpLoïc Hoguin
2012-09-23Improve state reset between requestsLoïc Hoguin