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2017-01-02Welcome to 2017Loïc Hoguin
2017-01-02Add a few more test cases for cowboy_req:match_qsLoïc Hoguin
2016-10-18Fix if_modified_since match of last_modifiedChristopher Adams
Correct expected return type from `no_call` to `undefined` in if_modified_since when last_modified callback is not defined. Add an http_SUITE test to catch regressions.
2016-08-15Allow websocket_init/1 to reply/close/hibernateLoïc Hoguin
2016-08-15Modernize the Websocket test suiteLoïc Hoguin
2016-08-12Remove Req from the Websocket interfaceLoïc Hoguin
After the switch to Websocket, we are no longer in a request/response scenario, therefore a lot of the cowboy_req functions do not apply anymore. Any data required from the request will need to be taken from Req in init/2 and saved in the handler's state.
2016-08-12Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/camshaft/cowboyLoïc Hoguin
2016-08-12Fix Websocket compressionLoïc Hoguin
The option for enabling Websocket compression has been renamed. Previously it was shared with HTTP compression, now it's specific to Websocket. The new option is named 'websocket_compress'.
2016-08-11Use integer_to_binary when possibleLoïc Hoguin
2016-08-11Add a test for echo_get example undefinedLoïc Hoguin
2016-08-11Fix timer-sent events in the websocket exampleLoïc Hoguin
2016-08-10Use binary_to_integer instead of to list and backLoïc Hoguin
2016-08-10Make reply functions return ReqLoïc Hoguin
2016-08-10Update the multipart reading interfaceLoïc Hoguin
Now named read_part/read_part_body, with a verb indicating action.
2016-08-10Add a lot of todosLoïc Hoguin
2016-08-10Add tests for responses and request body readingLoïc Hoguin
This is a large commit. The cowboy_req interface has largely changed, and will change a little more. It's possible that some examples or tests have not been converted to the new interface yet. The documentation has not yet been updated. All of this will be fixed in smaller subsequent commits. Gotta start somewhere...
2016-06-27send resp_headers with websocket responsesCameron Bytheway
2016-06-22Add forgotten changes to a test handlerLoïc Hoguin
2016-06-22Move TERM= declaration to make variable sideLoïc Hoguin
2016-06-22Add tests for cowboy_req: match_cookies and match_qsLoïc Hoguin
2016-06-21Add cowboy_req:uri/1,2Loïc Hoguin
Along with more cowboy_req tests. This commit also removes cowboy_req:url/1 and cowboy_req:host_url/1 in favor of the much more powerful new set of functions.
2016-06-20Add initial req suiteLoïc Hoguin
2016-06-16Fix upload exampleLoïc Hoguin
2016-06-15Fix rest_pastebin exampleLoïc Hoguin
2016-06-14Fix eventsource exampleLoïc Hoguin
2016-06-14Fix cookie exampleLoïc Hoguin
2016-06-14Fix rest_basic_auth exampleLoïc Hoguin
2016-06-13Fix websocket exampleLoïc Hoguin
2016-06-13Fix markdown_middleware exampleLoïc Hoguin
2016-06-13Fix chunked_hello_world exampleLoïc Hoguin
2016-06-13Merge static_world and web_server examplesLoïc Hoguin
The new example is called file_server and it's basically the same as web_server was. The name is clearer than the original, all examples being "Web servers". The new example is also tested and the test suite has been refactored a little.
2016-06-09Fix rest_hello_world exampleLoïc Hoguin
2016-06-08Fix echo_post exampleLoïc Hoguin
2016-06-08Fix echo_get exampleLoïc Hoguin
2016-06-08Add a test suite that checks examples are workingLoïc Hoguin
2016-06-06Add the static_handler test suiteLoïc Hoguin
2016-03-14Clarify comments about remaining tests to add to rfc7540_SUITELoïc Hoguin
2016-03-13Fix most remaining HTTP/2 handshake testsLoïc Hoguin
One category of tests involving the SETTINGS ack still fails. It is probably wise to leave these until more SETTINGS related tests are written.
2016-03-13Fix more HTTP/2 handshake test casesLoïc Hoguin
2016-03-12Add initial HTTP/1.1 Upgrade to HTTP/2Loïc Hoguin
The same edge cases that fail with other handshake methods also fail here (mostly bad preface/timeouts stuff). In addition, the HTTP2-Settings header contents are currently not checked and so the related edge case tests also fail.
2016-03-10Add the beginning of the rfc7540 test suiteLoïc Hoguin
Currently only testing handshake. Tests that pass currently involve no request/response. ALPN and prior knowledge support have some edge cases left to fix. HTTP/1.1 Upgrade has not been implemented yet.
2016-03-06Completely remove SPDYLoïc Hoguin
2016-03-05Initial commit with connection/streamsLoïc Hoguin
Breaking changes with previous commit. This is a very large change, and I am giving up on making a single commit that fixes everything. More commits will follow slowly adding back features, introducing new tests and fixing the documentation. This change contains most of the work toward unifying the interface for handling both HTTP/1.1 and HTTP/2. HTTP/1.1 connections are now no longer 1 process per connection; instead by default 1 process per request is also created. This has a number of pros and cons. Because it has cons, we also allow users to use a lower-level API that acts on "streams" (requests/responses) directly at the connection process-level. If performance is a concern, one can always write a stream handler. The performance in this case will be even greater than with Cowboy 1, although all the special handlers are unavailable. When switching to Websocket, after the handler returns from init/2, Cowboy stops the stream and the Websocket protocol takes over the connection process. Websocket then calls websocket_init/2 for any additional initialization such as timers, because the process is different in init/2 and websocket_*/* functions. This however would allow us to use websocket_init/2 for sending messages on connect, instead of sending ourselves a message and be subject to races. Note that websocket_init/2 is optional. This is all a big change and while most of the tests pass, some functionality currently doesn't. SPDY is broken and will be removed soon in favor of HTTP/2. Automatic compression is currently disabled. The cowboy_req interface probably still have a few functions that need to be updated. The docs and examples do not refer the current functionality anymore. Everything will be fixed over time. Feedback is more than welcome. Open a ticket!
2015-08-07Use 'Connection' header only when necessaryAlexey Lebedeff
Fixes #839 when 'Connection: Keep-Alive' wasn't sent in a HTTP/1.0 response. Now the usage of 'Connection' header is consistent with current protocol version: when this header is not specified explicitly in the response, HTTP/1.0 implies 'Connection: close' and HTTP/1.1 implies 'Connection: Keep-Alive'. So if current 'Connection' value matches the default value of current protocol, we won't state obvious fact in the response; and vice versa. Amended to fix and improve tests, and revert the variable name change from HTTP11Headers to StdHeaders. I think it's still good to leave it as is because it's not really a standard header for HTTP/1.0, and it's gone from HTTP/2 entirely.
2015-07-22Fix autobahn test suite report link when used in CILoïc Hoguin
2015-07-22Add autobahn test suite output to the consoleLoïc Hoguin
2015-05-05Add rfc7230 test suite and update others to recent GunLoïc Hoguin
This is a large commit. The rfc7230 test suite adds many tests from the RFC7230 document. Gun has been updated quite a bit recently, which broke the Cowboy suites. This is now fixed with this commit. A new hook onfirstrequest has been added. It was very useful during debugging of the test suites. The initial process code has changed a little; more changes are expected with the switch to maps for options.
2015-03-06Update Cowlib to 1.2.0; adds Websocket permessage-deflateLoïc Hoguin
The Websocket text frames should also be less resource intensive to validate now, with a binary concatenation avoided.
2015-02-16Do not send empty chunksLoïc Hoguin
User code may sometimes send an empty value which gets understood by the client as being the end of the stream while this was not intended. Ignoring empty values allow making sure the stream isn't ended by mistake.
2015-02-04Use cowlib for parsing headers; remove cowboy_httpLoïc Hoguin