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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2011-07-26Add a PropEr test for cowboy_dispatcher:split_host/1Loïc Hoguin
2011-07-19Separate message and packet handling for websocketsLoïc Hoguin
2011-06-27do not send ports 80 and 443 - browsers get madSteven Gravell
2011-05-08Add chunked reply support.Loïc Hoguin
2011-05-05Add headers_huge test, demonstrating issue #3 is fixed.Loïc Hoguin
2011-05-05Switch the HTTP protocol to use binary packets instead of lists.Loïc Hoguin
2011-05-04Add cowboy_http_req:port/1.Loïc Hoguin
2011-04-17ct: Throw garbage at the server then check if it's still up.Loïc Hoguin
2011-04-14Initial draft-hixie-thewebsocketprotocol-76 support.Loïc Hoguin
2011-04-14Fix a bug where dupe headers were sent in cowboy_http_req:reply/4.Loïc Hoguin
2011-04-10ct: Add a test for requests pipelining.Loïc Hoguin
2011-04-09ct: Add a test for \n which throws an error 400.Loïc Hoguin
2011-04-09Limit the number of empty lines to allow before the request-line.Loïc Hoguin
2011-04-09ct: Add tests for incomplete requests leading to a timeout.Loïc Hoguin
2011-04-09ct: Add raw tests to check that errors are properly handled.Loïc Hoguin
2011-04-08Initial work on a ct test suite for the HTTP protocol.Loïc Hoguin