AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-06-01Merge pull request #726 from tsloughter/rm-debugv3.32.1Tristan Sloughter
2019-06-01bump providers packageTristan Sloughter
2019-06-01remove debug io:formatTristan Sloughter
2019-05-27Merge pull request #724 from venimus/findstr-pathv3.32.0Tristan Sloughter
2019-05-27Merge pull request #719 from escarabelg/patch-1Tristan Sloughter
2019-05-27Merge pull request #722 from tsloughter/new-start-cleanTristan Sloughter
2019-05-27Fix "'findstr' is not recognized as ..."Ivaylo Badinov
2019-05-20Merge pull request #667 from ElectronicRU/overlay-wildcardsTristan Sloughter
2019-05-20Merge pull request #668 from ElectronicRU/goals_optionTristan Sloughter
2019-05-20Merge branch 'master' into goals_optionTristan Sloughter
2019-05-20Merge pull request #676 from velimir/providers-apiTristan Sloughter
2019-05-20Merge pull request #715 from gliush/fix-eunit-testsTristan Sloughter
2019-05-20Revert dependencies order in unit testsIvan Glushkov
2019-05-18include apps in start_clean release but don't load in console_cleanTristan Sloughter
2019-05-17Merge pull request #718 from tsloughter/git-refTristan Sloughter
2019-05-17add support for git ref and file content as app versionTristan Sloughter
2019-05-17Merge pull request #706 from erlware/try-cirrusTristan Sloughter
2019-05-17increase timetrap for otp 22try-cirrusTristan Sloughter
2019-05-17add otp 22 to cirrus test matrixTristan Sloughter
2019-05-15change '' to ``. Bug windows 7+Guilherme Escarabel
2019-05-14remove travis and circleTristan Sloughter
2019-05-14increase timetrapTristan Sloughter
2019-05-14try with compute creditsTristan Sloughter
2019-05-13see if others pass without this oneTristan Sloughter
2019-05-13try to fix failing testTristan Sloughter
2019-05-13add testing of otp 18 19 and 20Tristan Sloughter
2019-04-18Merge pull request #714 from tolbrino/tb-fix-windows-linksTristan Sloughter
2019-04-16Use recursive copy as last fallback on all platformsTino Breddin
2019-04-16Do not create a junction (soft link) for filesemtenet
2019-04-16Remove dead code of cp_r/2, xcopy_win32/2 and cp_r_win32/2.emtenet
2019-04-14add dist name and cookie to ERL_FLAGS for nodetool (#712)v3.31.0Tristan Sloughter
2019-04-12include dist and epmd arguments from vm.args in remote shell and nodetool cal...v3.30.0Tristan Sloughter
2019-04-12don't require a cookie in the start script (#708)Tristan Sloughter
2019-04-05Refactor creation of .erlang.cookie for use in start/console procedures (#690)Tino Breddin
2019-04-03split out build taskTristan Sloughter
2019-04-03add osx test runTristan Sloughter
2019-04-03try cirrus ciTristan Sloughter
2019-04-03Merge pull request #695 from tolbrino/tb-fix-win32-shiftLuis Rascão
2019-04-03Fix parameter shift on win32 for extension commandsTino Breddin
2019-04-02Store artifacts on Circle CI runs (#704)Tino Breddin
2019-04-01have travis only run 17 and osx. add circleci badge (#703)Tristan Sloughter
2019-04-01use RELX_OUT_FILE_PATH even when generating from .src files (#700)Tristan Sloughter
2019-04-01include vm.args.src file in tarball if it exists (#698)Tristan Sloughter
2019-03-31RUNNER_LOG_DIR is only used in 'start' so only make it there (#699)Tristan Sloughter
2019-03-31try circleci for CI (#701)Tristan Sloughter
2019-03-31Merge pull request #702 from lrascao/fix_testsLuis Rascão
2019-03-31Add travis.dev hostLuis Rascao
2019-03-31Add helpful debug output of Travis failuresTino Breddin
2019-02-21Attempt at a fix for vm.args usage (#688)v3.29.0Anthony Molinaro
2019-02-20don't create world writable executables (#687)Anthony Molinaro