erlanger.gitPrivate repository for the Erlanger Playbook. Loïc Hoguin23 months Nines official website. Loïc Hoguin8 months
asciideck.gitAsciidoc for Erlang. Loïc Hoguin2 years Erlang/OTP versions management for CI. Loïc Hoguin3 weeks plugin for Loïc Hoguin5 years build tool for Erlang that just works. Loïc Hoguin25 hours plugin for Loïc Hoguin5 years
nif_helpers.gitAn plugin and C library for writing NIFs. Loïc Hoguin21 months
esdl2.gitSDL2 Erlang NIF. Loïc Hoguin2 years
bullet.gitSimple, reliable, efficient streaming for Cowboy. Loïc Hoguin3 years
cowboy.gitSmall, fast, modern HTTP server for Erlang/OTP. Loïc Hoguin12 months
cowlib.gitSupport library for manipulating Web protocols. Loïc Hoguin9 weeks
gun.gitHTTP/1.1, HTTP/2 and Websocket client for Erlang/OTP. Loïc Hoguin2 months
ranch.gitSocket acceptor pool for TCP protocols. Loïc Hoguin3 weeks
kerl.gitEasy building and installing of Erlang/OTP instances. Mark Allen3 years
otp.gitMirror of Erlang/OTP repository. OTP Team3 years
relx.gitSane, simple release creation for Erlang. Erlware3 years
ninebugs.gitPrivate repository for the Nine Nines bug tracker. Loïc Hoguin4 years
ci.gitNine Nines CI. Loïc Hoguin18 months
ct_helper.gitHelper modules for common_test suites. Loïc Hoguin14 months
horse.gitIntegrated performance testing. Loïc Hoguin5 years