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= cowboy_req:port(3)

== Name

cowboy_req:port - URI port number

== Description

port(Req :: cowboy_req:req()) -> Port :: inet:port_number()

Return the port number of the effective request URI.

Note that the port number returned by this function is obtained
by parsing the host header. It may be different from the port
the peer used to connect to Cowboy.

The port number can also be obtained using pattern matching:

#{port := Port} = Req.

== Arguments


The Req object.

== Return value

The port number is returned as an integer.

== Changelog

* *2.0*: Only the port number is returned, it is no longer wrapped in a tuple.
* *1.0*: Function introduced.

== Examples

.Get the effective request URI's port number
Port = cowboy_req:port(Req).

== See also