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Remove a bunch of todos2.4.0
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diff --git a/doc/src/guide/req.asciidoc b/doc/src/guide/req.asciidoc
index b879fa3..53222cb 100644
--- a/doc/src/guide/req.asciidoc
+++ b/doc/src/guide/req.asciidoc
@@ -52,8 +52,6 @@ unless strictly necessary. If adding new fields, make sure
to namespace the field names so that no conflict can occur
with future Cowboy updates or third party projects.
-// @todo There are currently no tests for direct access.
=== Introduction to the cowboy_req interface
// @todo Link to cowboy_req manual
diff --git a/doc/src/manual/cowboy_stream.asciidoc b/doc/src/manual/cowboy_stream.asciidoc
index ffce10b..d8a4827 100644
--- a/doc/src/manual/cowboy_stream.asciidoc
+++ b/doc/src/manual/cowboy_stream.asciidoc
@@ -335,7 +335,6 @@ Sent when the request process pushes a resource to the client.
Same as the xref:switch_protocol_command[switch_protocol command].
-// @todo Not done for HTTP/2 yet.
Sent when switching to the HTTP/2 or Websocket protocol.
== Exports
diff --git a/src/cowboy_http2.erl b/src/cowboy_http2.erl
index 0e3a7bb..420be2c 100644
--- a/src/cowboy_http2.erl
+++ b/src/cowboy_http2.erl
@@ -435,7 +435,6 @@ frame(State=#state{client_streamid=LastStreamID, streams=Streams},
%% Single HEADERS frame headers block.
frame(State, {headers, StreamID, IsFin, head_fin, HeaderBlock}) ->
- %% @todo We probably need to validate StreamID here and in 4 next clauses.
stream_decode_init(State, StreamID, IsFin, HeaderBlock);
%% HEADERS frame starting a headers block. Enter continuation mode.
frame(State, {headers, StreamID, IsFin, head_nofin, HeaderBlockFragment}) ->
@@ -452,7 +451,6 @@ frame(State, {headers, StreamID, IsFin, head_nofin,
State#state{parse_state={continuation, StreamID, IsFin, HeaderBlockFragment}};
%% PRIORITY frame.
frame(State, {priority, _StreamID, _IsExclusive, _DepStreamID, _Weight}) ->
- %% @todo Validate StreamID?
%% @todo Handle priority.
%% RST_STREAM frame.
@@ -653,6 +651,9 @@ info(State=#state{client_streamid=LastStreamID, streams=Streams}, StreamID, Msg)
+%% @todo Kill the stream if it tries to send a response, headers,
+%% data or push promise when the stream is closed or half-closed.
commands(State, Stream, []) ->
after_commands(State, Stream);
%% Error responses are sent only if a response wasn't sent already.
@@ -665,15 +666,10 @@ commands(State0, Stream=#stream{local=idle}, [{inform, StatusCode, Headers}|Tail
State = send_headers(State0, Stream, StatusCode, Headers, nofin),
commands(State, Stream, Tail);
%% Send response headers.
-%% @todo Kill the stream if it sent a response when one has already been sent.
-%% @todo Keep IsFin in the state.
-%% @todo Same two things above apply to DATA, possibly promise too.
commands(State0, Stream0=#stream{local=idle},
[{response, StatusCode, Headers, Body}|Tail]) ->
{State, Stream} = send_response(State0, Stream0, StatusCode, Headers, Body),
commands(State, Stream, Tail);
-%% @todo response when local!=idle
%% Send response headers.
commands(State0, Stream=#stream{method=Method, local=idle},
[{headers, StatusCode, Headers}|Tail]) ->
@@ -683,12 +679,10 @@ commands(State0, Stream=#stream{method=Method, local=idle},
State = send_headers(State0, Stream, StatusCode, Headers, IsFin),
commands(State, Stream#stream{local=IsFin}, Tail);
-%% @todo headers when local!=idle
%% Send a response body chunk.
commands(State0, Stream0=#stream{local=nofin}, [{data, IsFin, Data}|Tail]) ->
{State, Stream} = send_data(State0, Stream0, IsFin, Data),
commands(State, Stream, Tail);
-%% @todo data when local!=nofin
%% Send trailers.
commands(State0, Stream0=#stream{local=nofin, te=TE0}, [{trailers, Trailers}|Tail]) ->
%% We only accept TE headers containing exactly "trailers" (RFC7540
@@ -712,7 +706,6 @@ commands(State0, Stream0=#stream{local=nofin, te=TE0}, [{trailers, Trailers}|Tai
% [{sendfile, IsFin, Offset, Bytes, Path}|Tail]) ->
% {State, Stream} = send_data(State0, Stream0, IsFin, {sendfile, Offset, Bytes, Path}),
% commands(State, Stream, Tail);
-%% @todo sendfile when local!=nofin
%% Send a push promise.
%% @todo We need to keep track of what promises we made so that we don't
@@ -858,8 +851,6 @@ resume_streams(State0, [Stream0|Tail], Acc) ->
send_data(State, Stream=#stream{local=Local, local_buffer_size=0, local_trailers=Trailers})
when (Trailers =/= undefined) andalso ((Local =:= idle) orelse (Local =:= nofin)) ->
send_trailers(State, Stream#stream{local_trailers=undefined}, Trailers);
-%% @todo We might want to print an error if local=fin.
%% @todo It's possible that the stream terminates. We must remove it.
Stream=#stream{local=IsFin, local_window=StreamWindow, local_buffer_size=BufferSize})
@@ -883,7 +874,6 @@ send_data(State, Stream=#stream{local_buffer_size=0}, fin, {trailers, Trailers},
send_data(State, Stream, fin, {trailers, Trailers}, _) ->
{State, Stream#stream{local_trailers=Trailers}};
%% Send data immediately if we can, buffer otherwise.
-%% @todo We might want to print an error if local=fin.
Stream=#stream{local_window=StreamWindow}, IsFin, Data, In)
when ConnWindow =< 0; StreamWindow =< 0 ->