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Unify the init and terminate callbacks
This set of changes is the first step to simplify the writing of handlers, by removing some extraneous callbacks and making others optional. init/3 is now init/2, its first argument being removed. rest_init/2 and rest_terminate/2 have been removed. websocket_init/3 and websocket_terminate/3 have been removed. terminate/3 is now optional. It is called regardless of the type of handler, including rest and websocket. The return value of init/2 changed. It now returns {Mod, Req, Opts} with Mod being either one of the four handler type or a custom module. It can also return extra timeout and hibernate options. The signature for sub protocols has changed, they now receive these extra timeout and hibernate options. Loop handlers are now implemented in cowboy_long_polling, and will be renamed throughout the project in a future commit.
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@@ -20,24 +20,6 @@ A number of backward incompatible changes are planned. These
changes are individually small, but together should result
in a large improvement in usability.
-### init/terminate unification
-The first argument of the `init/3` function is too rarely used.
-It will be removed.
-The return value of the `init/2` function will become
-`{http, Req, State} | {loop, Req, State} | {Module, Req, State}`
-with `Module` being `cowboy_rest`, `cowboy_websocket` or a
-user provided module.
-The `rest_init` and `websocket_init` callbacks will be removed
-as they become unnecessary with the new `init/2` interface.
-Similarly, the `rest_terminate` and `websocket_terminate`
-callbacks will be removed in favor of a unified `terminate/3`.
-The `terminate/3` callback will become optional.
### Hooks
The interface of the `onresponse` hook will change. There has