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Add max_frame_size option for websocket handlers
Option allows to limit a frame by size before decoding its payload. LH: I have added a test for when the limit is reached on a nofin fragmented frame (the last commit addressed that case but it had no test). I have fixed formatting and other, and changed the default value to infinity since it might otherwise be incompatible with existing code. I also added documentation and a bunch of other minor changes.
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This value cannot be changed once it is set. It defaults to
+=== Limiting frame sizes
+Cowboy accepts frames of any size by default. You should
+limit the size depending on what your handler may handle.
+You can do this via the `init/2` callback:
+init(Req, State) ->
+ {cowboy_websocket, Req, State, #{
+ max_frame_size => 8000000}}.
+The lack of limit is historical. A future version of
+Cowboy will have a more reasonable default.
=== Saving memory
The Websocket connection process can be set to hibernate
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@@ -153,6 +153,7 @@ Cowboy does it automatically for you.
opts() :: #{
compress => boolean(),
idle_timeout => timeout(),
+ max_frame_size => non_neg_integer() | infinity,
req_filter => fun((cowboy_req:req()) -> map())
@@ -181,6 +182,13 @@ idle_timeout (60000)::
connection open without receiving anything from
the client.
+max_frame_size (infinity)::
+ Maximum frame size allowed by this Websocket
+ handler. Cowboy will close the connection when
+ a client attempts to send a frame that goes over
+ this limit. For fragmented frames this applies
+ to the size of the reconstituted frame.
A function applied to the Req to compact it and
only keep required information. The Req is only