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Update the cowboy(7) manual
It now links to all modules found in the manual and can therefore easily act as an index for the application.
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== Name
-cowboy - Small, fast, modular HTTP server.
+cowboy - HTTP server for Erlang/OTP
+== Description
+Cowboy is an HTTP server for Erlang/OTP with support for the
+HTTP/1.1, HTTP/2 and Websocket protocols.
+Cowboy aims to provide a complete HTTP stack. This includes
+the implementation of the HTTP RFCs but also any directly
+related standards, like Websocket or Server-Sent Events.
+== Modules
+* link:man:cowboy(3)[cowboy(3)] - Listener management
+* link:man:cowboy_req(3)[cowboy_req(3)] - Request and response
+* link:man:cowboy_router(3)[cowboy_router(3)] - Router middleware
+// @todo What about cowboy_constraints?
+* link:man:cowboy_http(3)[cowboy_http(3)] - HTTP/1.1 protocol
+* link:man:cowboy_http2(3)[cowboy_http2(3)] - HTTP/2 protocol
+* link:man:cowboy_websocket(3)[cowboy_websocket(3)] - Websocket protocol
+* link:man:cowboy_handler(3)[cowboy_handler(3)] - Handler middleware and behavior
+* link:man:cowboy_loop(3)[cowboy_loop(3)] - Loop handler behavior
+* link:man:cowboy_middleware(3)[cowboy_middleware(3)] - Middleware behavior
+* link:man:cowboy_rest(3)[cowboy_rest(3)] - REST handler behavior
+* link:man:cowboy_stream(3)[cowboy_stream(3)] - Stream behavior
+* link:man:cowboy_sub_protocol(3)[cowboy_sub_protocol(3)] - Sub protocol behavior
+* link:man:cowboy_static(3)[cowboy_static(3)] - Static file handler
+// @todo What about cowboy_stream_h?
== Dependencies
-The `cowboy` application uses the Erlang applications `ranch`
-for listening and accepting TCP connections, `crypto` for
-establishing Websocket connections, and `cowlib` for parsing and
-building messages for Web protocols. These dependencies must
-be loaded for the `cowboy` application to work. In an embedded
-environment this means that they need to be started with the
-`application:start/{1,2}` function before the `cowboy`
-application is started.
+* link:man:ranch(7)[ranch(7)] - Socket acceptor pool for TCP protocols
+* link:man:cowlib(7)[cowlib(7)] - Support library for manipulating Web protocols
+* ssl - Secure communication over sockets
+* crypto - Crypto functions
-The `cowboy` application also uses the Erlang applications
-`asn1`, `public_key` and `ssl` when listening for HTTPS connections.
-These are started automatically if they weren't before.
+// @todo Explicitly depend on ssl.
+All these applications must be started before the `cowboy`
+application. To start Cowboy and all dependencies at once:
+{ok, _} = application:ensure_all_started(cowboy).
== Environment
The `cowboy` application does not define any application
environment configuration parameters.
+== See also