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authorMagnus Klaar <[email protected]>2011-12-05 01:08:38 +0100
committerMagnus Klaar <[email protected]>2011-12-07 19:02:10 +0100
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replace quoted:from_url with cowboy_http:urldecode
This change makes the dependency on quoted optional by adding a minimal urldecode function to cowboy. A protocol option for setting the urldecoding function has been added to the cowboy_http_protocol module. The default value for this option is set to be equivalent to the default settings for quoted. {fun cowboy_http:urldecode/2, crash} A note has been added in the README to document how to use quoted instead of this function. A field to store this option value has been added to the state record in the cowboy_http_protocol module and the http_req record in include/http.hrl Functions that previously used quoted:from_url/1 has been updated to require an equivalent function in addition to the previously required arguments. This change removes a C compiler from the build requirements of cowboy. It also removes the requirement to cross compile the code if the target arch/OS is different from the arch/OS used to build it.
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diff --git a/include/http.hrl b/include/http.hrl
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--- a/include/http.hrl
+++ b/include/http.hrl
@@ -68,5 +68,8 @@
%% Response.
resp_state = waiting :: locked | waiting | chunks | done,
resp_headers = [] :: http_headers(),
- resp_body = <<>> :: binary()
+ resp_body = <<>> :: binary(),
+ %% Functions.
+ urldecode :: {fun((binary(), T) -> binary()), T}