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Add a workaround to disable chunked transfer-encoding
This is an undocumented workaround to disable chunks when using HTTP/1.1. It can be used when the client advertises itself as HTTP/1.1 despite not understanding the chunked transfer-encoding. Usage can be found looking at the test for it. When activated, Cowboy will still advertise itself as HTTP/1.1, but will send the body the same way it would if it was HTTP/1.0.
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+%% Feel free to use, reuse and abuse the code in this file.
+-export([init/3, handle/2, terminate/3]).
+init({_Transport, http}, Req, _Opts) ->
+ {ok, Req, undefined}.
+handle(Req, State) ->
+ Req2 = cowboy_req:set([{resp_state, waiting_stream}], Req),
+ {ok, Req3} = cowboy_req:chunked_reply(200, Req2),
+ timer:sleep(100),
+ cowboy_req:chunk("streamed_handler\r\n", Req3),
+ timer:sleep(100),
+ cowboy_req:chunk("works fine!", Req3),
+ {ok, Req3, State}.
+terminate(_, _, _) ->
+ ok.