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@@ -48,11 +48,18 @@ new ticket when they are opened. If the maintainer didn't say
anything after a few days, you *SHOULD* write a new comment asking
for more information.
+You *SHOULD* provide a reproducible test case, either in the
+ticket or by sending a pull request and updating the test suite.
When you have a fix ready, you *SHOULD* open a pull request,
even if the code does not fit the requirements discussed below.
Providing a fix, even a dirty one, can help other users and/or
at least get the maintainer on the right tracks.
+You *SHOULD* try to relax and be patient. Some tickets are merged
+or fixed quickly, others aren't. There's no real rules around that.
+You can become a paying customer if you need something fast.
== Security reports
You *SHOULD* open a ticket when you identify a DoS vulnerability