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-::: Protocol upgrades
-Cowboy features many different handlers, each for different purposes.
-All handlers have a common entry point: the `init/2` function.
-This function returns the name of the protocol that will be
-used for processing the request, along with various options.
-Cowboy defines four built-in handler types. Three of them are
-implemented as sub protocols. More can be implemented by
-writing a custom sub protocol.
-The following table lists the built-in handler types.
-|| Alias Module Description
-| http - Plain HTTP handler
-| long_polling cowboy_long_polling Long-polling handler
-| rest cowboy_rest REST handler
-| ws cowboy_websocket Websocket handler
-Both the alias or the module name can be used to specify the
-kind of handler. In addition, a user-defined module name can
-be used.
-``` erlang
-init(Req, Opts) ->
- {my_protocol, Req, Opts}.
-The `init/2` function can also return some extra options for
-handlers that are meant to be long running, for example the
-`long_polling` and `ws` handler types. These options can also
-be passed on to custom sub protocols. For example the following
-`init/2` function defines both a timeout value and enables
-process hibernation:
-``` erlang
-init(Req, Opts) ->
- {my_protocol, Req, Opts, 5000, hibernate}.
-It is up to the sub protocol to implement these (or reject
-them if they are not supported).
-The `cowboy_sub_protocol` behavior only requires one callback,
-`upgrade/6`. It receives the Req object, the middleware environment,
-the handler and options for this request, and the timeout and
-hibernate values. The default timeout value is `infinity` and
-the default hibernate value is `run`.
-``` erlang
-upgrade(Req, Env, Handler, HandlerOpts, Timeout, Hibernate) ->
- %% ...
-This callback is expected to behave like a middleware. Please
-see the corresponding chapter for more information.
-Sub protocols are expected to call the `cowboy_handler:terminate/5`
-function when they terminate. This function will make sure that
-the optional `terminate/3` callback will be called, if present.