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The `cowboy_rest` module implements REST semantics on top of
the HTTP protocol.
-This module cannot be described as a behaviour due to most of
-the callbacks it defines being optional. It has the same
-semantics as a behaviour otherwise.
+This module is a sub protocol that defines many callbacks
+be implemented by handlers. The `init/2` and `terminate/3`
+callbacks are common to all handler types and are documented
+in the manual for the ^cowboy_handler module.
-The only mandatory callback is `init/3`, needed to perform
-the protocol upgrade.
+All other callbacks are optional, though some may become
+required depending on the return value of previous callbacks.
:: Types
@@ -43,46 +44,23 @@ The media-type is the content-type, excluding the charset.
This value is always defined after the call to
-:: Callbacks
-: init({TransportName, ProtocolName}, Req, Opts)
- -> {upgrade, protocol, cowboy_rest}
- | {upgrade, protocol, cowboy_rest, Req, Opts}
-* TransportName = tcp | ssl | atom()
-* ProtocolName = http | atom()
-* Req = cowboy_req:req()
-* Opts = any()
-Upgrade the protocol to `cowboy_rest`.
-This is the only mandatory callback.
-: rest_init(Req, Opts) -> {ok, Req, State}
+:: Terminate reasons
+The following values may be received as the terminate reason
+in the optional `terminate/3` callback.
-* Req = cowboy_req:req()
-* Opts = any()
-* State = any()
+: normal
-Initialize the state for this request.
+The connection was closed normally.
-: rest_terminate(Req, State) -> ok
+: {crash, Class, Reason}
+A crash occurred in the handler. `Class` and `Reason` can be
+used to obtain more information about the crash. The function
+`erlang:get_stacktrace/0` can also be called to obtain the
+stacktrace of the process when the crash occurred.
-* Req = cowboy_req:req()
-* State = any()
-Perform any necessary cleanup of the state.
-This callback should release any resource currently in use,
-clear any active timer and reset the process to its original
-state, as it might be reused for future requests sent on the
-same connection.
+:: Callbacks
: Callback(Req, State) -> {Value, Req, State} | {halt, Req, State}