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@@ -156,7 +156,7 @@ resp_body() :: iodata()
| {sendfile, Offset, Length, Filename}
Offset :: non_neg_integer()
-Length :: pos_integer()
+Length :: non_neg_integer()
Filename :: file:name_all()
@@ -180,16 +180,9 @@ order they should be sent:
Hello world!
-When using the sendfile tuple, the `Length` value is mandatory
-and must be higher than 0. It is sent with the response in the
-content-length header.
-// @todo Make sure we have a test with an empty file...
-// @todo cowboy_static should probably NOT return a sendfile tuple if size is 0.
-//%% While sendfile allows a Len of 0 that means "everything past Offset",
-//%% Cowboy expects the real length as it is used as metadata.
-//%% @todo We should probably explicitly reject it.
+Note that the length must be greater than zero for any data
+to be sent. Cowboy will send an empty body when the length
+is zero.
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