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@@ -31,6 +31,10 @@ be converted through the use of constraints, making this
function able to extract, validate and convert values all
in one step.
+This function will crash on invalid cookie data. How to
+handle this is explained in details in the manual page for
== Arguments
@@ -85,4 +89,5 @@ An exception is triggered when the match fails.
== See also
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@@ -18,10 +18,35 @@ Parse cookie headers.
Alias for link:man:cowboy_req:parse_header(3)[cowboy_req:parse_header(<<"cookie">>, Req)].
-When the cookie header is missing, `[]` is returned.
-While an empty cookie header is not valid, some clients do
-send it. Cowboy will in this case also return `[]`.
+When the cookie header is missing or empty, `[]` is returned.
+This function will crash on invalid cookie data. Because
+invalid cookies are fairly common when dealing with browsers
+(because of the string interface that the Javascript API provides),
+it is recommended to filter the cookie header value before
+attempting to parse it. This can be accomplished by calling
+the function link:man:cowboy_req:filter_cookies(3)[cowboy_req:filter_cookies(3)]
+first. This does not guarantee that parsing succeeds. If it
+still fails it is recommended to send an error response or
+redirect with instructions to delete the relevant cookies:
+.Recover from cookie parsing errors
+Req1 = cowboy_req:filter_cookies([session_id, token], Req0),
+try cowboy_req:parse_cookies(Req1) of
+ Cookies ->
+ do_something(Req1, Cookies)
+catch _:_ ->
+ %% We can't parse the cookies we need, unset them
+ %% otherwise the browser will continue sending them.
+ Req2 = cowboy_req:set_resp_cookie(<<"session_id">>,
+ <<>>, Req1, #{max_age => 0}),
+ Req = cowboy_req:set_resp_cookie(<<"token">>,
+ <<>>, Req2, #{max_age => 0}),
+ cowboy_req:reply(500, Req)
== Arguments
@@ -52,4 +77,5 @@ Cookies = cowboy_req:parse_cookies(Req),