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-Cowboy websocket
+Websocket example
-To compile this example you need rebar in your PATH.
+To try this example, you need GNU `make`, `git` and
+[relx](https://github.com/erlware/relx) in your PATH.
-Type the following command:
-$ rebar get-deps compile
+To build the example, run the following command:
-You can then start the Erlang node with the following command:
+``` bash
+$ make
+To start the release in the foreground:
+``` bash
+$ ./_rel/bin/websocket_example console
-Then point your browser to the indicated URL to open a websocket client.
-Not all browsers support websockets. It was tested with Chromium.
+Then point your browser at [http://localhost:8080](http://localhost:8080).