AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2012-08-08Update version toïc Hoguin
2012-07-31Fix stream_body when used by multipartSeven Du
2012-07-24Improve typespecsLoïc Hoguin
2012-07-24Don't save parsed value in the Host headerJosh Marchán
2012-07-22Remove an useless todoLoïc Hoguin
2012-07-22Look for parsed headers in the cache before trying to parseLoïc Hoguin
2012-07-22Add a REST Hello World exampleLoïc Hoguin
2012-07-22Add a Chunked Hello World exampleLoïc Hoguin
2012-07-22Add a POST echo exampleLoïc Hoguin
2012-07-22Add a GET echo exampleLoïc Hoguin
2012-07-22Add support for Expect: 100-continueLoïc Hoguin
This makes uploading files with curl a lot faster than without.
2012-07-21REST: Normalize content types acceptedLoïc Hoguin
Same as content types provided, we accept the <<"application/json">> form.
2012-07-21REST: Fix charset matchingLoïc Hoguin
2012-07-14Add a simple Static File Server exampleLoïc Hoguin
2012-07-13Add an Hello World exampleLoïc Hoguin
2012-05-23Update version toïc Hoguin
Also update the CHANGELOG and copyright years.
2012-05-21Remove a dumb warning when running the testsLoïc Hoguin
2012-05-21Merge branch 'cookie_slash' of https://github.com/bfrog/cowboyLoïc Hoguin
2012-05-21Merge branch 'serve-static-file' of https://github.com/klaar/cowboyLoïc Hoguin
Fix alphabetical order since @klaar seems to have issues with it. ;)
2012-05-21Merge branch 'fix/relax-conneg-parsing' of https://github.com/tillitech/cowboyLoïc Hoguin
2012-05-21Fix a bug preventing 'onresponse' from being called on errorsLoïc Hoguin
2012-05-21Make multipart code use stream_bodyLoïc Hoguin
2012-05-21Small updates to the ROADMAP and doc commentsLoïc Hoguin
2012-05-14Only ignore slashes in cookie values for the pathTom Burdick
* Ensures cookie encoding errors are caught earlier * Fix separator misspelling
2012-05-14Merge pull request #216 from nox/rfc6585Loïc Hoguin
Add new HTTP status codes from RFC 6585
2012-05-06Add new HTTP status codes from RFC 6585Anthony Ramine
See http://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc6585 for further details.
2012-05-05Add a test checking requests with size around the MTULoïc Hoguin
2012-05-05Merge branch 'patch-1' of https://github.com/yrashk/cowboyLoïc Hoguin
2012-05-05Add a test for empty path segmentsLoïc Hoguin
2012-05-04Fixes invalid type specification for cowboy_http_req:multipart_data/1Yurii Rashkovskii
2012-05-04Add a note about crypto websocket usage in the doc commentsLoïc Hoguin
2012-05-04Merge branch 'response-hook'Loïc Hoguin
2012-05-04Add an 'onresponse' hookLoïc Hoguin
This new protocol option is a fun. It expects 3 args: the Status code used in the reply (this is the cowboy_http:status() type, it can be an integer or a binary), the headers that will be sent in the reply, and the Req. It should only return a possibly modified Req. This can be used for many things like error logging or custom error pages. If a reply is sent inside the hook, then Cowboy will discard the reply initially sent. Extra caution must be used in the handlers making use of inline chunked replies as they will throw an error. This fun cannot be used as a filter, you can either observe the reply sent or discard it to send a different one instead. The hook will not be called for replies sent from inside the hook.
2012-05-04Merge branch 'cancel-timer' of https://github.com/etrepum/cowboyLoïc Hoguin
2012-05-02Add a test for HTTP handlers loop timeoutsLoïc Hoguin
2012-05-01Refactor the reply functionsLoïc Hoguin
2012-04-30Add file option to cowboy_http_staticMagnus Klaar
2012-04-30Merge branch 'cowboy-client'Loïc Hoguin
2012-04-29Fix and rework the HTTP test suiteLoïc Hoguin
Use a proper HTTP client to run all tests. This client is currently undocumented and should not be used. Includes a few fixes: * Fix a bug in the max_keepalive test * Fix a bug with max_keepalive handling * Fix a bug in stream_body/1 where data was lost under some conditions The tests now run quite faster than before. All the tests now run twice: once for TCP, once for SSL.
2012-04-29Add .cowboy.plt to the gitignoreLoïc Hoguin
2012-04-24use erlang:start_timer/3 instead of erlang:send_after/3 for handling timeoutsBob Ippolito
2012-04-13Add a clean-docs target to the MakefileLoïc Hoguin
2012-04-12Cleanup the .gitignoreLoïc Hoguin
2012-04-12Use a separate rebar.config file for running testsLoïc Hoguin
2012-04-08Make charsets parsing more relaxedAli Sabil
Certain user agents send invalid Accept-Charset headers, like the following: "ISO-8859-1;utf-8;q=0.7,*;q=0.7" The user agent with which this behavior was observed presented itself with the User-Agent string: "Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 5.1; en-US; rv:1.9) Gecko/2008052906 Firefox/3.0" Although this doesn't appear to be correct. The request might have been mangled by a transparent proxy.
2012-04-06Merge branch 'adt-add-sockname' of https://github.com/Vagabond/cowboyLoïc Hoguin
2012-04-06Merge branch 'websocket-fragments' of https://github.com/klaar/cowboyLoïc Hoguin
2012-04-06Add sockname/1 to the TCP and SSL transportsAndrew Thompson
2012-04-06Update autobahn suite to use autobahntestsuiteMagnus Klaar
2012-04-05Add support for fragmented websocket messagesMagnus Klaar