AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2015-11-16Update toïc Hoguin
2015-11-16Fix crash when using IOlists with some Websocket framesLoïc Hoguin
Backported from Cowlib's patch from Rob Ashton <[email protected]>.
2015-08-16Update apt-get before installing things on CILoïc Hoguin
2015-08-07Update Cowboy toïc Hoguin
2015-08-07Use 'Connection' header only when necessaryAlexey Lebedeff
Fixes #839 when 'Connection: Keep-Alive' wasn't sent in a HTTP/1.0 response. Now the usage of 'Connection' header is consistent with current protocol version: when this header is not specified explicitly in the response, HTTP/1.0 implies 'Connection: close' and HTTP/1.1 implies 'Connection: Keep-Alive'. So if current 'Connection' value matches the default value of current protocol, we won't state obvious fact in the response; and vice versa. Amended to fix and improve tests, and revert the variable name change from HTTP11Headers to StdHeaders. I think it's still good to leave it as is because it's not really a standard header for HTTP/1.0, and it's gone from HTTP/2 entirely.
2015-07-26Merge branch 'fix-typo-in-cowboy_http' of https://github.com/mocchira/cowboy ↵Loïc Hoguin
into 1.0.x
2015-07-26Merge branch 'use-https-1.0.x' of https://github.com/ahf/cowboy into 1.0.xLoïc Hoguin
2015-07-26Dialyzer fixes in cowboy_clockLoïc Hoguin
This is what I get for merging blindly! and Fix a compile error introduced in previous commit (cherry-pick)
2015-07-26Looks like we need an even older Gun versionLoïc Hoguin
2015-07-26Use an older Gun version for testing 1.0.xLoïc Hoguin
2015-07-26Reenable later versions for CircleCILoïc Hoguin
2015-07-25Disable half the OTP versions temporarilyLoïc Hoguin
To allow CircleCI to not timeout...
2015-07-25Add CircleCI to the 1.0 branchLoïc Hoguin
Let's hope it works on first try. LOTS of OTP versions to test!
2015-07-15Fix typo in cowboy_http:asctime_datemocchira
2015-07-05Use HTTPS dependencies when using RebarAlexander Færøy
2015-07-02Update Cowboy toïc Hoguin
2015-07-02Merge branch 'fix-rest-stacktrace' of https://github.com/danielwhite/cowboy ↵Loïc Hoguin
into 1.0.x
2015-07-01Update erlang.mkLoïc Hoguin
2015-05-06Merge branch 'static_with_index' of https://github.com/davidw/cowboy into 1.0.xLoïc Hoguin
2015-05-06Merge branch 'fix-1' of https://github.com/martinrehfeld/cowboy into 1.0.xLoïc Hoguin
2015-03-26added a comment for non-obvious erlang:cancel_timerAlex Kovalev
2015-03-26fixed cowboy_clock inbox overflow if system clock was changedAlex Kovalev
2015-03-25Get stacktrace before executing rest_terminateDaniel White
At present, the resulting stacktrace will be misleading about where the underlying error occurred.
2015-02-17Add an index.html that is also served statically as the default for /David N. Welton
2015-01-30Only address the specific quoted_string issueMartin Rehfeld
2015-01-30Reply with 400 on if*-match parsing crashMartin Rehfeld
2014-11-07Update Cowboy toïc Hoguin
2014-11-07Update CHANGELOGLoïc Hoguin
2014-11-07Update AUTHORSLoïc Hoguin
2014-11-07Update erlang.mkLoïc Hoguin
This should fix an issue with DEPS on FreeBSD.
2014-08-12Merge branch 'master' of git://github.com/okeuday/cowboyLoïc Hoguin
2014-08-12Fix incorrect type in cowboy_static manualLoïc Hoguin
2014-08-12Add cowboy_req:part/2 exportMichael Truog
2014-08-11Merge branch 'patch-1' of git://github.com/asabil/cowboyLoïc Hoguin
2014-08-11Fix REST guide reference to accept_missing_postAli Sabil
The guide refers to accept_missing_post instead of allow_missing_post.
2014-08-06Handle absolute URIs that lack a path entirelyLoïc Hoguin
2014-08-06Accept absolute URI scheme as uppercaseLoïc Hoguin
We should be doing a case insensitive comparison to be correct, but this is more expensive. Almost all clients send lowercase, this patch fixes handling of the aws/aws-sdk-php client which sends uppercase, and no known client sends mixed case so I am holding back on the more expensive solution for the moment.
2014-08-02Fix language in getting startedLoïc Hoguin
2014-08-02Update links extend -> nineninesLoïc Hoguin
2014-08-02Fix bad link format in the guideLoïc Hoguin
2014-08-01Update Cowboy toïc Hoguin
2014-08-01Remove 1.0 section in the ROADMAPLoïc Hoguin
2014-08-01Update CHANGELOGLoïc Hoguin
2014-08-01Update rebar.configLoïc Hoguin
2014-08-01Update AUTHORSLoïc Hoguin
2014-08-01Add OTP release support and versioning info to the guideLoïc Hoguin
2014-08-01Update the Getting started chapter to new erlang.mkLoïc Hoguin
Length of the chapter divided by 2! \o/
2014-08-01Update to erlang.mk 1.0.0Loïc Hoguin
2014-07-27Merge branch 'master' of git://github.com/ztmr/cowboyLoïc Hoguin
2014-07-26fix a documentation typoTomas Morstein
The function `set_resp_header' is defined in `cowboy_req' module, not the `cowboy'.