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2019-04-02Fix calling convention for set_resp_cookie/3Jesper Louis Andersen
If not providing optional values, they are set to `#{}` and are the last parameter according to the source code. Reflect this in the documentation.
2017-02-19Change the order of set_resp_cookie argumentsLoïc Hoguin
The Opts value is put last, to be more consistent with the rest of the cowboy_req module. Additionally a test handler was fixed which reduced the number of errors in http_SUITE.
2017-02-19Change the type of cookie name to binary()Loïc Hoguin
The API will be more consistent like this, and we can ensure that duplicate cookie names are never sent.
2017-01-04Improve the manual for the new resp_header functionsLoïc Hoguin
2016-12-21Add man pages for the reply functionsLoïc Hoguin